What about Love?

Megan falls in love with someone she thinks she knows. Someone, who her friends worked so hard on to find out how to keep the relationship going and started.
But what will happen when she and her friends find out the true identity of Megans handsome boyfriend and his four charming friends?
Find out in "What about Love"

P.S comment if you want to be a co-author. Even though i'm not sure I need one...


8. Chapter 7 'the movies'

"What were you guys doing down there?" Nat said helping me up. "Sign language." I said pulling out my phone and writing down this new info about Nat. "Cool..." He said "anyway, do you maybe wanna... I don't know. Go to the movies with me?" I smiled "sure let me call my mom. I put my phone to my ear and pressed two for my mom on speed dial. "Megan?" My mom said. "Hi mom" I said. "Do you mind if I come home a little later? I wanna go out with a friend." "Okay honey, but remember you have to pack for camp soon." "Kay mom. Love you." I said hanging up. I walked back to Nat. "My mom said I could go." "Great" he said blushing. "I'm gonna go change first." He said stretching his smile.  "I'm gonna change too." I said, walking to the girls locker room. "We heard about your date"Sam said smiling. "So we wanna do you up." "Fine" I said smiling "but you better be fast!" Sam and Demi raced brushes and all types of products all over me, until Demi yelled "Finished!" "Omigod" I said looking into a mirror. "I look great! I"ll give you guys hugs later 'cause I gotta change." I changed, yelled bye, and was off with Nat to the movies.

As we rode our bikes, Nat smiled and said "You look great Megan." "Thanks," I said blushing "you look great too." The bike ride was pretty much silent other wise. When we got to the movies we decided we would watch 'The Avengers'. We grabbed two sodas and one large popcorn. As we sat down in the theater I realized that we had known each other for actually longer than I thought we did. Also on a first date you have to leave a good impression; at least I think it was a date.

The lights dimmed and I stuffed myself with myself with popcorn and sprite. Halfway through the movie I felt something touch my hand. I was about to move my hand when I realized it was Nat's hand. I was smiling on the outside and having a party on the inside, so I scooted a little closer to Nat and enjoyed the rest of the movie. At the end of the movie I turned towards Nat and almost bumped my face into his. We both laughed and turned away. 'What do I do!!' I thought franticly. 'Think Megan, think! Now's the time to make an impression!' I turned back to Nat, smiling cheekily. "Nat!" I said. "Do you wanna go on a walk?" "Yeah sure" he said getting up. He happily helped me up too. He was about to let go of my hand, but I squeezed his hand and smirked. 

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