What about Love?

Megan falls in love with someone she thinks she knows. Someone, who her friends worked so hard on to find out how to keep the relationship going and started.
But what will happen when she and her friends find out the true identity of Megans handsome boyfriend and his four charming friends?
Find out in "What about Love"

P.S comment if you want to be a co-author. Even though i'm not sure I need one...


7. Chapter 6 'sign language'

I let myself sink to the bottom of the pool, as Demi and Sam joined me. We began to speak in sign language. We all knew sign language, because a couple years ago we volunteered at the hospital where Demi's younger brother spends most of his time. Demi's younger brother has a deranged face but to the three of us he's just a normal kid. Anyway, we became volunteers and we would work with kids who had autism, and they all spoke sign language. *** "He likes football," Sam spelled out with her hands. "He hates garlic, cheese, and any movie thats a horror movie." Sam added. "Wow.." I spelled out. We quickly went up for air. "The more I stay under water the easier it gets to stay under." I said. 


P.S nothing they say about this Curly haired mystery guy is really true... DUN DUN DUN Luv you all-Liv

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