What about Love?

Megan falls in love with someone she thinks she knows. Someone, who her friends worked so hard on to find out how to keep the relationship going and started.
But what will happen when she and her friends find out the true identity of Megans handsome boyfriend and his four charming friends?
Find out in "What about Love"

P.S comment if you want to be a co-author. Even though i'm not sure I need one...


12. Chapter 11 'Poppy' "Little things"

Sobs filled my room. Who's sobs you may ask? Mine and my best friends, Courtney. Why where we crying? Because it was the anniversary of the day One Direction went missing. Courtney and I were just watching T.V last year, when the screen went beeping, turned black, and a man began speaking. "Emergency. Emergency." At that Courtney turned up the volume and her family ran in. The man kept talking and the room was silenced. "The famous boy band, One Direction. Has gone missing." Courtney, her sisters, and I began sobbing loudly. "Harry Styles has brown curly hair, and green emerald eyes. Niall Horan has blonde and some brown hair, and blue eyes. Liam Payne has brown close shaven hair, and brown eyes. Zayn Malik has black hair, tattoo sleeves, and brown eyes. 
Louie Tomlinson has brown hair, and brown eyes. If you see them please call this number." A number popped up on the screen and the man began reading it aloud, as Courtney's mom wrote it down. Now today I still carry around that number. That day was my living nightmare. I flopped back down on my bed, stood up on it, reversed the BTR poster on my ceiling and turned it to One Direction. When I finished, my phone beeped. Courtney quickly picked it up. "Hey!" She said, actually smiling on a day like this. "It's from Megs!" "Really!" I said smiling and reading the text. Megs is like a sister to us. "Huh," I said scratching my head. "She wants to find out about some mysterious boyfriend."


Yup, this chappie is for Poppy. This chappie is sad, and now i'm mad. (I'm not really mad, just trying to ryme:) lol) thx!!!-Liv

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