A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


9. Trixie's A Victim?

Trixie looked up to see Jim staring down at a limp body. She looked around her. Honey was sobbing in Brian's arms and Mart had headed over to talk to the police about what happened. Sargent Molinson was heading over to check the gunman's body.
'What happened?!' Trixie asked slowly rising from the ground. She saw Jim's face and knew he was in shock. She hurried over to where Jim stood.
'He was pulling a second gun from the inside of his jacket. It was aimed straight at you Trixie. I had no other choice but to shoot.' Sargent Molinson said grimly.
Jim looked like he was about to collapse and all Trixie wanted to do was hug him but after telling the truth about her lie she didn't think he would even want to talk to her. Her eyes were burning with tears but she squeezed her eyes shut and held her erg to cry back. Quickly she wiped her cheek with the back of her hand to get rid of one tear that had managed to escape. Suddenly two strong familiar arms were wrapped around her. She turned into them and hugged back tightly.
'It is all okay now, he can't hurt you again.' Jim soothed.
Trixie didn't cry, just held on never wanting to let go.

Eventually Sargent Molinson broke up the hug.
'I'll need to ask some questions as to what happened.' He said.
Trixie stepped back and nodded. 'Did anyone get hurt inside?' She asked quickly.
Sargent Molinson didn't reply for a moment. 'No, thankfully no one was hurt.'
Trixie sighed. But she was still confused. 'Why did he do this?! What has anyone done to him? It just makes no sense.'
'From Marts side of the story we are thinking that he possibly had a mental disorder and this was one of those crazy attacks. It doesn't sound like he had any motives and just targeted people at random. Unfortunately you being one of them.'
Trixie didn't know how to reply.
'What happened in there Miss Belden?' He asked her.
'Uh well Jim and I were out in the foyer ... talking when we heard a sudden gun shot that smashed into the wall beside where my head was, then we ran into the movie room and headed for this door we came out of. Jim, Brian and I tried to get more people out before he came into the room. After that we just ran.' Trixie managed to get out.
Sargent Molinson stared at her, 'One almost hit your head? The first shot?' He asked.
'Well it hit the wall beside my head.' She answered, confused where Sargent Molinson was going with this.
'Were any of the other shots aimed at you or almost hit you?' Sargent Molinson was starting to scare Trixie now.
'No, I don't think so, i mean another 2 shots were fired but I was in the movie room when that happened...'
'But they were aimed at the wall separating the foyer and the movie room, I saw the plaster on the wall fall off because one bullet came through.' Jim added in.
'I think we may have possibly found his motum.' Sargent Molinson frowned.
Trixie was confused, though it was laid out in front of her easy to read. 'What do you mean?'
'Trix,' Jim hesitated. 'We think maybe you are the target..'

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