A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


6. Lies

The next morning Trixie woke to Honey shaking her wildly.
'Trixie wake up! Dan and Di are coming down tomorrow! Trixie!'
Trixie sat right up. 'The bob-whites will finally be reunited! I cant wait till tomorrow!'
She jumped out of bed and hurried to dress in her jeans and t-shirt.
They rushed downstairs to the kitchen to be greeted with Brian and Mart in the kitchen cooking everyone eggs and pancakes for breakfast.
Jim sat watching with an amused look on his face.
Trixie shared at her brothers shocked. 'Since when do you boys cook?..' She asked.
'They don't. Which is why this is so funny.' Jim replied moving over so the girls could take a seat on the bench.
Trixie looked closer and notices the eggs on the floor, the shells scattered around the benches and the burnt smell that lingered in the air. Mart wore a once white apron which was now yellow and covered in flour, obviously from the attempt at making pancakes before hand. Brian had flour covering his face and shirt and his blue jeans were now covered in mixture.
Trixie tried her best to hold back a laugh but she failed. She started laughing, tears welling in her eyes from the sight. Honey joined in and suddenly Jim couldn't contain his composure any more. The three fell over each other laughing as Brian and Mart just stuck up their noses at them and continued to make a mess rather then food.
'This will take a while to clean up.' Trixie finally said as she managed to take back control of herself.
'No, shh you 3. We will make this breakfast.' Mart said determinedly.
'Alright.' Honey said and the three got up and went out to the lounge, leaving the two siblings to their mess.

'So we have that movie tonight, how will we get there? Dad has the car for work and Jim's is gone.. Dad is reporting that today by the way.' Trixie said.
Jim frowned. 'Who was that boy you were talking to yesterday at the beach?' He asked.
Trixie froze. 'Uhh just a friend.. he is going to be joining us at the movie tonight.'
Jim didn't say anything and Trixie felt butterflies in her stomach. Bad ones.
Honey felt this was the moment to chime in, 'His name is Brenden. He is Trixie's uhh cousin..' She lied.
Trixie looked at her, 'Uh yeah my cousin.'
Jim raised an eyebrow, 'Cousin? I've never heard about him. Or even met him for that matter..'
'Well he just moved here a year ago and we hadn't really kept in touch until now.' Trixie said quickly.
She couldn't believe she was lying to Jim. But she cared to much about him. She was afraid that if she told the truth he would be angry.
He nodded, 'Makes sense.' he smiled at Trixie.
'So back to the main problem, how will we get there?' Trixie asked.
'Well, we will all just have to pile in with Brenden then wont we?' Honey asked.
'Yeah he wouldn't mind would he Trix?' Jim chimed in.
She shook her head, 'No of course not.' She murmured.
This was getting worse by the minute.

Breakfast was a disaster but when Mrs Belden walked into the kitchen and took one look at the mess she couldnt help but laugh. 'Oh you boys. Clean up this mess and ill make you all a proper breakfast...' she hesitated picking up the rubber piece of food on the counter that was meant to be a pancake, 'One that you can actually eat.'
Mart sighed and started cleaning up. Saved by mom. 'Can you say to the others that we made it? Just so we can see their reaction.'
Mrs Belden chuckled. 'Okay.' She said helping clean up the horrible mess.

Trixie, Jim and Honey sat at the table staring, mouths open at the spread of food. Eggs perfectly cooked, the yolk oozing out onto a piece of toast. Pancakes piled high with blueberries and syrup. Bacon cooked so well that it melted in your mouth.
Trixie raised her had and shut her mouth but it just fell open again. Mart and Brian stood proudly at the end of the table, grinning from ear to ear.
'Wow, you boys have really out done yourselves.' Honey said staring at the delicious food.
The three dived into the food, eating as much as they could fit in their stomachs.
'Oh my god this is the best thing i have ever eaten! But how?!' Trixie asked as she took another bite of her bacon.
'Told you we could cook.' Mart said taking a seat along side her and dishing up some food for himself.
Brian followed his actions and the 5 of them sat eating until everything was all gone.

After such a great start to the day the bob-whites decided to head up to their old club house to see how it was holding up.
'I can't believe we haven't been here as a group for 2 years!' Honey said as they crossed the grassy ground to the little cosy club house.
'I haven't been able to come up here either. It makes me miss everything to much.' Trixie admitted.
Jim opened the door and they all went inside. Cobwebs hung from the ceiling and everything was left as it had been from the very last mystery they solved as a group. They had sat all the bob-white jackets in the cupboard as a last good bye. Trixie opened it up and took out hers. She put it on. Honey followed and the others did so too.
'As soon as Dan and Di get here tomorrow we will all finally be reunited. Mr Maypenny must miss Dan helping him out on the farm. Now he has to take care of this whole place all alone until it sells.' Trixie said looking around the little cottage.
'I know. Poor guy. We must visit him when Dan gets here.' Honey said.
'This place could use a good clean.' Brian noted looking at the amount of dust that had been collected on the ceiling.
'We should do that now. Get it nice and new for Dan and Di.' Mart said blushing when he said Di's name.
Jim winked at him. 'Sounds good.'

Cleaning only took an hour. They stepped back looking at the place.
'Its nearly brand new.' Honey said excitedly.
The outside was the big part. It would have to be re-painted one day through out the summer and the window had a crack which needed to be replaced.
'We can save that for another say.' Brian decided. Everyone agreed.
'Its really heating up.' Trixie said wiping her forehead with the sleeve of her jumper. 'Who wants to go for a swim?!' She asked eagerly.
Everyone jumped at the thought and ran off to get their bathers.

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