A Summer To Remember

Trixie Belden's life has changed since she has turned 18. Her brothers and Dan had gone away to college, Honey and Jim had moved, and Di had been given a scholarship at a different school. But when the rest of the group come back to visit the Bob-Whites suddenly find themselves knee deep in another mystery. And does Trixie have a new love? Book 1 of the Bob-Whites Summer series.


8. Gunman

Trixie jumped to her feet looking at the hole in the wall beside her. Her heart was beating at a ridiculous rate and she couldn't control her breathing.
'Trixie, come with me!' Jim half yelled.
That was when Trixie noticed all the screaming people running around her and the gun man who was at the door looking for someone. He didn't look familiar. She looked over at Jim who was reaching out to grab her. Things felt like they were in slow motion. She reached out grabbing Jim's arm and they ran back into the movie room. Everyone was screaming and looking shocked as they tried frantically to escape. Jim lead Trixie over to Brian, Mart and Honey.
'Follow me guys, I know a back exit.' He said.
Trixie stopped. 'Brenden?! Where is he?' She looked around wildly searching for his face. 'I can't see him!'
Honey looked around, 'Trixie he has probably already tried to escape, we need to go. We have to get out now!'
Trixie turned back and ran after the others. Jim lead them around to a small door that was almost invisible unless you knew it was there.
'Come on!' He hissed pushing Honey through the door. Mart followed closely behind her.
'Trixie, hurry.' Brian said. Trixie could hear the fear in his voice.
'Jim!' Trixie said watching as Jim raced back to help others escape.
'Just go Trixie!' Brian said turning to help Jim.
'No way am I letting you two go alone.' She hissed and ran after them.
Jim was ushering people to the door. The gunman hadn't come to that room yet but Trixie knew he would be there soon. She heard another shot and more screams came from the mouths of innocent victims. A small boy was crying and calling for his mum. Trixie went straight to him.
'Hey, hey it will be fine, follow me.' She said picking the little boy up and turning for the small exit. She saw Jim had already managed to get a few people over there. She ran straight to the door.
'My baby!' A woman yelled reaching for the boy in Trixie's arms.
She passed the little boy to her and watched as they hurried through the exit.
'Where does this lead?' Trixie asked quickly turning to go find some other people.
'The back car park.' Jim answered following her.
Brian was sprinting for them.
'Turn around, he is coming in here! There is nothing else we can do, we have to get out!' He shouted.
'No way! People are still in here!' Trixie yelled.
A third gun shot went off and the horrid sound of people yelling and crying filled the room, louder then before.
Brian grabbed Trixie by the arm and they headed for the exit. They went through the door just in time because the gun man had entered the room only a second after. The 3 of them raced down the hall and came to the already open second door. They came out into the fresh night air. Honey and Mart stood trying to calm the other people who were out there down.
'Where were you?!' Honey shouted angrily at them.
'Helping more people get out.' Trixie answered. 'But we aren't safe. We have to get out of here. Has anyone called the police?'
'I did before. They should be here now!' Mart said coming over.
Sergeant Molinson Trixie thought. Oh please be here soon.
Suddenly police cars were pulling up everywhere. Around the back and at the front. Trixie stood with her back to the exit, watching as Sergeant Mollison got out of his car.
'Trixie!' She heard Jim shout, then suddenly an arm was wrapped around her neck and a gun was placed to her head.
The police stood, guns pointed at the gunman and Trixie.
'Put your guns down, or I will shoot.' He screamed, deafening Trixie.
Her hands flew up to try to release the grip on her neck that was chocking her. She coughed and yelled for help. Realizing that her eyes were shut she opened them and could see everyone with wide eyes looking at her. She looked at Mart. He was trying to mouth something.
'Stay calm. Be ready to run.' She managed to make out.
She lowered her hands and slightly nodded her head. She couldn't see Brian or Jim anywhere. Honey was as white as a ghost. Trixie felt her heart beating so quickly and she felt feint. Almost like she was going to be sick.
Suddenly she heard a yelp and the grip the gunman had on her neck was released. She jumped free of him and ducked down in case he tried to shoot at her. She ran straight forward but was tripped by something that was laying on the ground. She rolled over and looked up to see Jim trying to hold back the gunman from Brian. He was raging and trying to grab a hold of something in his jacket. Suddenly a gun went off and things went silent.

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