Emo Angels

Tarra Lexing is what everyone calls the Emo Freak. She is the only person in her school who wears all black and has black and bloody red hair. No one understand her until he comes... he is her soul mate.


1. Him

     He flies in the shadows of night, and the darkness is His friend.

     He is my emo lover, He is my... emo angel.

          I woke up to a blinding light. I sat upright in my bed, and realized I was late to school. "No, no, no," I started shouting, "I can't be late again, teach. would kill me!" I hopped out of bed and hurried to get dressed in my torn skinny jeans, my Black Veil Brides t-shirt, and my red and black plaid boots instead of my solid black ones. Then I went into my bathroom to add some of my daily make-up. the whole emo style make-up. My make-up consists of an ivory colored base, my heavy black eyeliner, and my black lipstick.

            Once I was done I got on my Moped speed bike and headed off to school. Somehow, I got to school early, though I don't know how. That's when I saw him...

           He had black boy's emo style hair his eyes were a jade color with golden flecks. He was wearing a Blood On The Dance Floor shirt with black skinny jeans and red converses.One look and u were captured. taken hostage... well at least I was.

        Then, he turned and looked straight at me.

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