Emo Angels

Tarra Lexing is what everyone calls the Emo Freak. She is the only person in her school who wears all black and has black and bloody red hair. No one understand her until he comes... he is her soul mate.


2. Class

      When he looked at me, the bell rang and he walked in the direction I was heading. I suddenly changed directions and went the other way. when I walked into class I saw him in the seat beside mine. Of course teach. would put him beside me. I hid my face with my hair and walked to my seat. He turned his body awkwardly towards mine and said, "Hi, I'm Jason. how is your day going?" He had a smooth, deep voice, that was so alluring to me. He had a tattoo on this inner forearm. It was a strange Celtic design, with swirling lines and intricate patterns. I turned my head to face his direction and replied, "I'm Tarra, and I guess its going okay, I mean it could always be worse right?" he laughed lightly and smiled. "True..." He had this feeling about him that made my stomach feel like jelly.

        I was quiet the rest of the class period. Finally the bell rang, and I jumped up out of my seat and out the door hoping to get away so the feeling he was giving me would end. But somehow he had caught up to me... "Hey where's your next class?" "Um Algebra '2' with Mrs. Benson." He took a quick glance at his schedule and a small smile formed on his perfect lips ( I really need to pay less attention to him because his lips made me want to kiss him) and I thought 'oh god... oh god'. "Awesome me too! Um do you think you could show me where her class is?" "Sure," I said, "Its no problem." I was trying not to blush because he asked me and not anyone else. We started off in the direction of class talking about our favorite bands.

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