Tomorrow When The War Began: Wherever We Go Darkness Will Follow

A spanner has been thrown in the works when Lee doesn't show up after blowing up the control houses. Homer, Robyn and Ellie go back into Wirrawee to find him, closely followed by Fi. But will Chris's death shake them up that much that they wont be able to save Lee? And maybe even get captured themselves? Is this the end of the road for Ellie and the others? Read on to find out.


11. Race To Death

'A helicopter!' I yelled to Fi. We crouched down and started running in the slightly thicker bush, but really it wasn't enough cover. There was no good enough cover for about another kilometre. We continued running, speeding up now. The humming was getting louder. I looked up over my right shoulder and could see the faint lights in the distance. 'Fi if we don't hurry it will be right over us before we even make it to the thicker bush.' I half yelled, half gasped, if that's even possible. 'I..I can't go any faster Ellie…I'm so sorry.' Fi panted. I realised how horrible and pushy I was being. And I felt awful. I ran forward and caught up with Fi, taking her hand. 'It's okay Fi.' The humming was getting so much closer now. We could even smell the fuel. 'Come on Fi, not far now. Let's make a sprint for it!' I said. I could see the thick bush up ahead. My chest was in so much pain, my heart beating uncontrollably, my breath was in a ridiculous rhythm, causing sharp pains in my throat every time I sucked in air, and my tongue was dry and swollen. The helicopter was close now. The noise was deafening and the dust was spiralling in circles around us. Leaves were flying everywhere and the air was almost completely intoxicated with fumes. The helicopters spot light was nearly over us, but we were so close to the bush that I could smell the eucalyptus leaves. This had now become a race, only in this race, the loser dies.

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