Tomorrow When The War Began: Wherever We Go Darkness Will Follow

A spanner has been thrown in the works when Lee doesn't show up after blowing up the control houses. Homer, Robyn and Ellie go back into Wirrawee to find him, closely followed by Fi. But will Chris's death shake them up that much that they wont be able to save Lee? And maybe even get captured themselves? Is this the end of the road for Ellie and the others? Read on to find out.


3. Nearly Caught

'LEE?!' I yelled stepping out of the bush. He moved in my direction, looking at me.
'Ellie?' he asked. I ran towards him, my heart beating almost right out of my chest. We hadn't seen Lee in 3 weeks. I jumped into his arms embracing him in a huge hug.
'Lee! Oh Lee we thought they had captured you!' I held on to him so tightly. I didn't want to let him out of my arms. There was no way I could cope if he went missing again.
'Ellie?! How the hell did you know that was Lee?' Homer hissed coming forward to where we were. Robyn ran up, giving Lee a hug as I stepped back to answer Homers question.
'I would recognise him anywhere.'
Homer shook his head. 'It's good to have you back Lee.' He said looking at Lee. But Lee was staring into the distance, behind Homer. I followed his gaze. My eyes widened.
'Run!' I hissed turning and running straight for the office doors that were connected to the canteen.

car had been slowing down, driving along the road that passed the school. Not just any car though. A patrol car. Looking for anyone out there like us. I tugged frantically at the doors but they were locked. Homer pulled his jumper off and put it up against the window and in one swift movement, hit it with his fist, knocking the glass out. It made a hell of a noise! I spun round checking if the patrol car had stopped or could see us. The coast was clear as far as I could see. Quickly and carefully we pulled all the jagged bits of glass from the window. The only thing that was hiding us from sight of the road was the benches and a small wall. But it was a matter of seconds before the patrol car would pass the wall and see us. 'Robyn first!' Homer whispered, lifting Robyn through the window. She wriggled through and gracefully landed on both feet on the ground, then moved all the glass out of the way of the window so we didn't stand on it, once again, she was thinking about others instead of herself. I had so much respect for her. I went next, but my climb through the window wasn't as graceful as Robyn's had been. I helped Lee struggle through, trying to make sure he didn't fall on his head. Homer followed him, diving straight through and landing on his stomach. We finished pulling all the bits of glass out of the small wooden window so it would look like glass was actually in it, then hurried along into one of the empty classrooms.

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