Tomorrow When The War Began: Wherever We Go Darkness Will Follow

A spanner has been thrown in the works when Lee doesn't show up after blowing up the control houses. Homer, Robyn and Ellie go back into Wirrawee to find him, closely followed by Fi. But will Chris's death shake them up that much that they wont be able to save Lee? And maybe even get captured themselves? Is this the end of the road for Ellie and the others? Read on to find out.


8. Memories

We all ducked down and waited for it to drive past. The lights shone through the windows, and the noise got louder. We could smell the fumes from the car wafting through the gaps in the windows. Diesel. We waited as the lights started to disappear. Homer sat up.
'It's gone.' We all sat back up and I finished off bandaging Lee's leg.

'Alright, I'm going to go to the first aid room and find some more supplies. Would they have stuff in the office and staff room as well do you think?' I asked looking at the other 3. Lee shrugged.
'Yes, I think they do in the staff room, dunno about the office though.' Robyn said.
'Okay, I will be back soon.'
I headed out the door and down the corridor. I turned left and walked past all our old lockers. It felt weird, looking at how empty and lifeless these halls were. It felt so big and lonely. Usually there would be hundreds of students crowding through the halls, talking, laughing, mucking around. It felt like such a long time ago. But in reality, it was only a few months ago. I thought for a minute and remembered I kept Panadol in my locker. Quickly, I hurried down the corridor to the year 11 locker area. I found my locker, number 68, and I put in the combination, opening the door. It squeaked, as usual. Even that little squeak brought back memories of the many times Steve or Homer or Corrie had walked up and pulled my locker door open the whole way to talk to me. All my stuff was still in there; my books, everything. It gave me a funny feeling, looking at it. At what life used to be like. I grabbed the small bag that had my Panadol, Band-Aids and first aid materials in it and shut the locker, then continued on my way towards the first aid room.

There was so much stuff in there that we needed. I grabbed a bag from the broom closet and just stuffed everything into it. We may as well stock up. Who knows when the next chance to get these sorts of supplies would come along. The office didn't have anything in there but the staff room sure did, like Robyn had said. I filled the bag up to the top. It would make such a difference to have this stuff. When I was satisfied I had got everything I thought we would need I headed back to the others. They were all pleased at my jackpot find. We spread them out through our packs so everything would fit, then with our packs on our backs and Lee's arms and leg bandages secure, we headed around to the exit, back through the window. We wanted to get back to the Show Grounds, collect Fi, and be back at Kevin's that night and it was nearly 1 am so we thought we'd better get a move on. We hid under the window as the patrol went past for the third time, then we jumped through the window and hurried along through the bush, following the same method we had used when we came in.

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