Tomorrow When The War Began: Wherever We Go Darkness Will Follow

A spanner has been thrown in the works when Lee doesn't show up after blowing up the control houses. Homer, Robyn and Ellie go back into Wirrawee to find him, closely followed by Fi. But will Chris's death shake them up that much that they wont be able to save Lee? And maybe even get captured themselves? Is this the end of the road for Ellie and the others? Read on to find out.


13. Home To Hell

I awoke to the sound of scurrying feet along the pavement. I rolled over, under the table and looked at my watch. It was 9 pm. We sure had slept the day away! I gave Fi a little shake, and then placed my pointer finger on her lips as she opened her eyes. She rolled onto her stomach and listened. She suddenly heard the small noises I could hear. Her eyes widened. The little bell connected to the front gate to the yard went off. That scared the living daylights out of us! We crawled along the floor to the window, then slowly looked through the crack in the curtains, and got the shock of our lives.

It was Homer, Robyn and Lee. I jumped up, running outside.
'You made it!' I said excitedly.
'Just.' Homer answered, looking worried. 'We need to leave now. And head up to Hell. There is no time to waste. They're following us.'
I glanced out at the road and saw nothing.
'They will be here any minute.' Homer added. I was worried. We went around the back of Kevin's house, and grabbed the 3 small push bikes we had left there from before we headed into Wirrawee 12 days ago. Homer dinked Fi and Robyn dinked Lee, giving me a bike to myself. We swapped over numerous times, allowing everyone to have a turn at riding alone. Slowly and quietly, we made our way to Taylors Stich, and down into Hell.

We had escaped another day. Another 'almost' capture. Another 'almost' death. It looked like we were winning this race, but for how much longer? How long until they catch up to us and pass us? How much longer will luck be on our side? How long until we do get captured and even killed? None of us knew the answers to any of these questions. All we can do is keep fighting, keep taking them by surprise, keep scaring them, keep them on edge by using the advantages we have, keep trying to win this war, and most importantly… keep surviving.

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