Tomorrow When The War Began: Wherever We Go Darkness Will Follow

A spanner has been thrown in the works when Lee doesn't show up after blowing up the control houses. Homer, Robyn and Ellie go back into Wirrawee to find him, closely followed by Fi. But will Chris's death shake them up that much that they wont be able to save Lee? And maybe even get captured themselves? Is this the end of the road for Ellie and the others? Read on to find out.


9. Bullet

Homer led us around to the Show Grounds, which weren't that far away from the school. Fi was waiting where we had left her, in the bushes at the corner of the Show Grounds.
'Lee!' Fi whispered excitedly.
'Did anything happen here?' Homer asked as Fi finished embracing Lee in a hug. Fi stepped back, hiding behind a tree, and shook her head.
'No, not really. Just more people getting yelled at or taken to that room. I saw your Mum though Homer. She looks okay. Really skinny and frail like all the other women, but she looks okay.' We all looked at Homer. His expression changed from one of determinedness to one of worry.
'Are you sure she was fine? No limps? Or big cuts? Or any injuries? What about Dad? Did you see him? Where was she? Did any soldiers hurt her?'
'Homer, Homer, calm down, keep your voice down. She was fine. A soldier lead her to the toilet then back to the tent. She didn't look to have any injury. I didn't see your Dad. But your Mum is fine.' Fi said stepping forward and giving Homer a hug of reassurance. He smiled a little in appreciation.
'Okay. I trust your judgment Fi. Now let's just get out of here. I can't bear staying in town for another night.'

We took our leave, right as the chance was given. A break in the soldier's routine was what we were waiting for and finally, a break was what we got. The sentries were released and we had 2 minutes to make a run for it before the next group clocked on. Quickly, quietly, and well alert, we ran along the tree line towards the road that lead out to Robyn's. Suddenly there was a shout. Then something whizzed past me.

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