If we could only have this life, for one more day.


4. Party

Amaya's POV


My phone buzzed.

From: Niall

I'm having a party at my house tonight, tell Jadyn and Ashley!



K! What time??



Now if you want!


I called Jadyn and Ashley and they said they were getting ready. 


"It's PARTY TIME!" Niall says. There were acctuly ALOT of people here. Including the cheerleaders. We walked into his big backyard. "Amaya, can I ask you something?" Liam asked me. I got butterfly's in my stomach. I really liked him. "Anything!" I say. "Do you want to go to spring formal with me??" He asked. I nodded a lot and then hugged him. I went back with Ashley and Jadyn. "Zayn just asked me to Spring Formal!!" Ashley said. "Liam asked me!" I say. Jadyn just kind sat there. She was smiling though. We looked and saw Niall. He came over to Jadyn and grabbed her wrist and pulled her were he was.


Jadyn's POV

"Jadyn, I really like you." Niall says. "I like you too!!!" I say. Unexpectedly her smashes his lips into mine. I heard Amaya and Ashley going 'oooohhhh'. I pulled away to laugh. "I'm going to go to the bathroom Ni." I walked away into the house. 


Ashley's POV

Niall and Jadyn were just kissing. Then Jadyn left. And now what am I seeing? Niall flirting with Kenzi, the most popular girl in school. Next thing I know his tongue was down her throught!


Jadyn's POV

I walked back into the backyard. Niall was making out with Kenzi. My eyes well up with tears. I wasn't going to be stupid like in movies and just leave. I was going to go do something. I stomped over to him and slapped him. "Niall!!!!" I say now crying. "Jadyn, get a life, he does not like you!" Kenzi says. "I-I'm-I'm" Niall starts. "I hate you!" I shout loud enough to get some people's attention. I stomp off and get into my car. I drive back to my house. My phone was buzzing like crazy. When I got to my house I read the messages. 

From: Niall

Jadyn I'm so sorry!


From: Niall

Jadyn please forgive me!


From: Niall



I shut off my phone. "Jadyn, your friends are here!" My mum calls from downstairs. It was Ashley, Amaya, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Harry. "We'll talk outside." I say and we all sit on the porch. "Sorry about what happened." Harry says. I shake my head. A silver car pulls up infront of my house. Niall walks out of it. With Kenzi. "Guys lets go inside now." I say opening the front door and everyone rushes in. I shut the door before Niall gets in. "Jadyn let me in now." Niall says banging on my door. We all go into my room. I look out the window and Niall was still there. He saw me up in my window. "You guys, please, make them leave!" I say to the boys. "I will talk to him." Zayn says walking down the stairs. We all watch out the window. All I saw was Zayn talking then Niall covering his face with his hands then Zayn points to Niall's car saying something. We walked downstairs. I sat on the couch followed by Ashley and Amaya. The boys sit on the other couch. I turn on the TV. "Guys, Zayn is not accommplishing anything, I'll go talk to him." I say walking out of the house. "Niall, get off my porch." I say. "Don't talk to Niall like that!!!" Kenzi says slapping me. I hold my cheek. "Shi-" I start. "Ni, Let's go." Kenzi says. I tear streamed down my face but I quickly wiped it away. Zayn wrapped his arm around me, just to comfort me. We walked back inside. Niall was still outside. 

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