If we could only have this life, for one more day.


6. Lunch

Jadyn's POV


We all grabbed out hamburgers and walked to our table for lunch. We walked by Kenzie and she threw a chunk of spaghetti at me. "What th-" Amaya started, Kenzie cut her off, "Oh, I'm sorry, that was rude, you guys didn't get any.". She threw some at Amaya and Ashley and poured the rest on my head. I gasped. We all went the washroom and cleaned our selfs. Louis walked in. "Louis! This is the girls washroom!" Ashley said. He shrugged. I chuckled. "You guys are a mess." He says. "You can thank Kenzie for that.." Amaya says. Louis walked out. "That was strange." I say. We walked out and we were still a complete mess. Kenzie and her friends made fun of us. I clenched my fists. I tend to do that when I'm angry. We sat at the table with the boys. Kenzie walked over, "Hey Ni!" She says. "I need to talk to you Kenzie, alone." Niall says as they walk away. I saw Niall say something and Kenzie gasp then stomp away. Niall came back. "What was that about?" Liam asks. "I dumped her." Niall says. I could not help but smile. 

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