If we could only have this life, for one more day.


5. He slept on my PORCH!

Jadyn's POV

I woke up and Ashley and Amaya were not there. They spent the night last  night. I ran down stairs. "Your up early, for once." I tell Ashley and Amaya. They giggle. I look out side and Niall was sleeping on my PORCH. At least Kenzi was gone. I walked out the front door. He woke up. "What are you doing??" I ask. He shrugs and says, "I'm so so so sorry! Please, will you go to Spring Formal with me?" He says. "I'll think about it." I say slamming the door. 


Ashley's POV

My phone buzzed.


From: Zayn<3

Hey babe.


I blushed


To: Zayn<3



From: Zayn<3

I can't wait until Spring Formal


To: Zayn<3

Me neither! <3 xxxx


"Ashley, your eyes are glued to that phone!" Amaya says. Jadyn comes up from behind me and slips the phone out of my hands. "Jadyn!!" I shout.


Amaya's POV

We ran to the bathroom and lock Ashley out, reading her text with Zayn. We texted him 'Your Hot'. Then we came out and handed her the phone. She read the text and rolled her eyes playfully. Niall knocked on the door. "May I help you?" I ask sassily. "Can I talk to Jadyn?" He asks. I roll my eyes and get Jadyn. Me and Ashley eavesdrop. "Please go to Spring Formal with me?" Niall asks. "I don't know.." She says. "Will this make you know?" He asked and started kissing her. He pulled away and said, "I'm done with Kenzie." He said. She nods and says, "I'll go with you.". He smiles and goes back to his car. 

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