If we could only have this life, for one more day.


7. Getting Ready

Ashley's POV


Tonight is Spring Formal! Amaya and Jadyn are over at my house to get ready!! I got out my makeup  bag and started on my makeup. Jadyn and Amaya did the same. "I'm so exited!!" Jadyn randomly says. I chuckle.The guys were coming to pick us up at 7:00. It was 4:00 right now. I put on my mascara and looked in the mirror. It looked good. 

*30 Minutes later*

"Let's do hair!" Amaya shouts. "Ok, calm down..." Jadyn says playfully. "Do mine first!!!" I say. "K!" Amaya says. They wave my hair and put it in a deep part to the right. "I love it!!" I say running my fingers through it. "Mine next!!" Jadyn says. We put her hair into a curly braided updo. "Oh my gooossshhh!!!" She says. We do Amaya's hair last. We curled it perfectly.

*2 hours later (6:00)*

We all put on our dresses.

Jadyn's is the one on the left. Amaya's in the middle. And mine on the right. We all looked great!  

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