If we could only have this life, for one more day.


2. First Day

Jadyn's POV

First day of school. Be 'cool'. I always get nervous on first days. I wore this.

Amaya wore this.

I parked my car and me and Amaya got out of the car. Students were walking into the building. I saw 5 unfamiliar guys. Our school was not that big. We basically all know each other. I tapped Amaya. "Whaattt" She groaned. Not a morning person. "Do you know them? Are they new?" I asked pointing and the blonde one looked over at me. While I was pointing. He raised his eyebrows. He started walking over to us. I hid my face in my hands. "Do you need something?" His thick irish accent asked. "I was just asking, if you were new." I said. His friends were with him. "Well I am, I'm from Dublin." He says. "Ok, well bye now." I said grabbing Amaya's wrist and pulling her into the school building. "That was humiluating!" I said. Amaya giggled. 'What?" I asked. She chuckled more, "You like him!" She says. "Pffft no!" I say. I was soo lying. He is so cute. She rolled her eyes and we went to first period, drama class. We sat in the first row, like always. The guy from this morning and his friends were in here to. I did not know his name so I'm going to call him, Blondie.

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