If we could only have this life, for one more day.


3. Drama Class

Jadyn's POV

A girl sat beside me right before class started. She had red hair and dark brown eyes. "Hi, I'm Ashley." She whispered. "Hi, I'm Jadyn and this is Amaya." I said. I got out my notebook and sketched Blondie. He was so cute. Amaya looked at the sketch and raised her eyebrows. "Mrs. Jadyn, are you writing something that is more important than my class?" Mr. Harrison asked. I shook my head quickly and closed my notebook. Everyone was staring at me. I turned red. "Let me see." Mr. Harrison said. He snatched my notebook. He opened it up and smirked. He showed everyone my pictures of Blondie. I ran out of the classroom. Tears stung in my eyes. I was so embarrassed. I sat down in the hallway. 


Niall's POV

I looked at the sketches, they were amazing. I looked just like me. I could not imagine how embarrassed she was. I told the teacher I was going to the bathroom and I walked into the hall. She was sitting there crying. "D-Don't cry." I say. Her eyes got wide. "I'm Niall, by the way." I said. "I'm Jadyn." She said. "I love your drawings." I say. "Oh god..." She mumbles. "That teacher needs to piss off." I say. She giggled. I loved her smile. She was beautiful.  

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