Hanging by a thread

Everyone Has scars they don't want to talk about. Mines just on my body and in my head. I paint a pretty picture, but with a twist. My paint brush is a razor, my canvas is my wrist. I paint a pretty picture. In a color that's blood red. My mind is the razor, and my wrist is my heart. If you don't understand my silence, you won't understand my words. I look at my cuts, burns and bruises I gave to myself. Each one was a battle I lost with myself. To you this might not make since, but for you you will understand. Words hurt i have the scars to prove it. I have one question for you though. How many more people have to die to realize bullying leads to death? One thing I don't know yet, but will soon find out is Happiness can be found even in the darkest of time. *One Direction fanfiction*


2. Last dayaD

my alarm went off. i quickly shut it off. i got up slowly. brcing mysef for another day. but it will be my last day.  i pulled on my black long sleved shirt with baggy jeans. then i put on my large wore out sweatshirt that says llove hate. i went in my dest top dower.  pulled out the note and sat t on my desk i read:


 i am sorry. im sorry for not being good enough. im sorry i was not the daughter of your dreams. im sorry for not being perfect. im srry or being me. by the time you read this, i will no longer esist. you never noticed i was depressed. you never noticed the cuts on my body. I am now a legacy. maybe now, everyonw will miss me. maybe everyone ill regret treating me like trash. Maybe now, they will still think im worthless. 

                                                                   i love you,

                                                         Soon to be someone, Alex Carder.

i looked at myself in the mirror. i sighed. i took lipstick and wrote on the mirror. ATTENTION WHORE 

i brushed my white hair with Orange at the ends all over my head. I looked at my big green eyes.  i shighed again. i saw my razor by the sink. teptation hit me. Maybe one little mark, i thought . NO. i said to myself killing yourself is enough. i walked down stairs. i passed the kitchen not bothering to eat. i grabbed my packpack and heded out the door. I walked the long mile to school. I ignored all the glanced i got. i walked into school. i went to my locker. i put u my backpack. i grabbed my books. shut my locker and turned. only to hve my books slapped out my hand. by the jock of the school, my wrost nightmare. the guy from one direction Harry Styles. 

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