Lexi Horan is abused by her brother Niall Horan and he got the rest of one direction to beat her too. How long will this go on?


1. Characters

                                                                   Lexi's POV

Hi my name is Lexi Horan. Yes the sister of Niall Horan, the world famous pop star. You might think hes sweet but hes not. Him and the rest of One Direction abuse me. Any way I'm 18 years old and I just graduated from high school. I'm a cheerleader except this past year when he started abusing me. I love to run because it clears my mind.


                                                               Niall's POV

Hi I'm Niall Horan. My parents died a year ago and it was all my sisters fault. That's why i abuse her. I got the rest of one direction to help me too. 


"Lexi get your ass down here now!!" 

"What do you want?"

"you are coming on tour with us"


"Yes and you have to do everything we say. Got it"

"yea I got it'


                                                   Lexi's POV


This is gonna suck. Niall is going to beat me and the rest of them are gonna beat me and Harry is gonna try to have sex with me.I dont want to go. I better start packing we leave in 2 days. What sucks the most is Paul or any other adult isn't gonna be with us, so they can do any thing to me. Paul knows about them beating me but he doesn't give a shit.


2 days later------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"OK load up we leave in 5 minutes and its going to be a 10 hour drive." Paul called out in a rushing manner. We got on and the crew got on another bus. The whole ride was pretty much talking and sleeping. An hour before we got there I heard Harry talking to Niall. "But man I love her" "well shes my sister and what about the agreement." Holy shit they were talking about me." I dont want to do this any more. And for the love of god shes your sister.""The other boys won't approve of this." "I already talked to them and they don't want to do it either. They pretty much dont do anything except stand by." "Fine if thats the way you want it I'll try to stop" "good" "but you can't date her." "ok"

This is what Lexi looks like:





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