Luke's ripping us Apart with 5SOS

This is about a girl named Ally who gets kicked out after a fight then goes to the 1D concert she didn't know 5SOS was the opening act then Ashton talks to her and they start a spark will Luke interfere with there love WILL THE BAND BE TORN APART?
read the story to find out :) Alot of grammar mistakes sorry :( But enjoy :) Sort of Violent


8. The Lies and the Truth

Ally's P.O.V

I knew I had to do it I was scared for my life now. He shoved me out of his room a minute or two later Ashton came in. Ash I need to tell you something. What is it? The truth is I'm in love with Luke not you I tried to hold the tears in then I ran to my room and locked the door. I heard them two screaming but it slowly drownded out I feel asleep the next thing I heard was knock knock knock Ally it's me Calum We have got hamburgers for supper. Okay Calum I'll be out in a minute. I slowly got up and unlocked the door and went to the kitchen Ash sat at the island not facing me and I sat at the table with that monster named Luke. I was gonna tell Ash some how tonight. I had just started eating when I heard Luke say Ally Ally he was sitting on the couch I knew I had to I had to protect myself. So I kissed him once but then I tried to leave but he grabbed me and kissed me more for a good five minutes right in front of Ash. Before I knew it,it was 10:00pm Ash had just went in his room Luke had been asleep. I knocked. He came to the door and almost closed it on me but I pushed my way in Ash I need to talk to you. No . Before your in-denial listen. What. When you went to be with the fans he pushed me on the ground and threatened me if I didn't say that to you he would of killed me. I love you Ash not him I know it sounds cray but I'll show you the bruises. Okay I believe you babe. Good. I don't know what could of gotten into Luke. Ash Listen if he finds out I told you he might kill me so it has to be like I never told you. Ally I think you need to go home for awhile. Wait what? Yes your in danger here and you have your phone text me anytime I'll put a lock on my phone so he doesn't snoop I wouldn't tell you to come home if I didn't care about you. Besides are show is about to start so let me walk you home while the mob is gone. I started crying will I ever see you again Ash? Of coarse I'll never let you go. We better get going. Okay. 30 minutes later we arrived at my house. I gave him a good bye kiss and knocked on the front door. My dad opened the door I immediately started crying Daddy will you take me back? He broke down to yes of coarse sweet heart I thought you were dead I'm so sorry I over reacted. No I over reacted to dad I just miss her so much. I do to sweetie. Let's sit down. So where have you been staying? Well after the concert a guy from the opening act came to me and said I was beautiful and I broke down cause you called me beautiful before you kicked me out and I broke down and told him everything that happened and he took me in I've been staying in there tour bus and his name is Ashton and I really like him and he likes me to. I've got a question Ally? Yeah what is it? Why did you come back? Well there is this guy Luke who is the lead singer but he was jealous of Ash so he pinned me down and slapped me and told me to go tell Ashton that I love him now or he would kill me so Ashton said I should come home for a while because I would be safer here. So now Ashton is gonna tell Luke that I had decided to give you another chance. He doesn't know where I live though if a guy around 6 foot comes looking for me don't let him in. Wow Ally your in some deep stuff . Ya I know also Ashton is gonna come up with a plan to get Luke some how I don't know though yet. Ok darling well I think you should go get some rest. Ok dad night I love you. I love you to

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