Luke's ripping us Apart with 5SOS

This is about a girl named Ally who gets kicked out after a fight then goes to the 1D concert she didn't know 5SOS was the opening act then Ashton talks to her and they start a spark will Luke interfere with there love WILL THE BAND BE TORN APART?
read the story to find out :) Alot of grammar mistakes sorry :( But enjoy :) Sort of Violent


6. The Insidence

Ally's P.O.V

We were still sitting there when RING RING RING!!! Ashton's phone went of he apoligized Sorry I've got to take this I'll be back in a minute. As soon as he left Luke started talking to me. "So Ally I assume you don't want to stay in my Pj's 24/7 so what if we take you out shopping tomorrow. I replied  Yeah sure sounds like a plan. I yawned. Luke replied if your tired  I can show you to our guest room if you like. Ya sure I replied. "Ok well follow my lead then." "Here we are at our guest room it's not that spectacular but it's got a bed a tv and alarm clock. I started talking oh it's fine I'm lucky to have somewhere to sleep tonight anyways. He started talking Not trying to get in your biz but what happened today that got you kicked out. Oh no it's fine I said but anyways I had just gotten ready for the concert and I had gotten in the car and my dad started saying how I was beautiful just like my mom with eyes so blue and my silky blond hair. And I said well please don't talk about I'll start crying. Then he said I miss her to we all though she would make it through the cancer. Then I started to say you don't know that. Then he said you know she would of came back if she could of. I started yelling you don't know that she was suffering she probably wanted to go but was trying to stay strong for me. But ya anyways we got in a screaming match and he kicked me out. Luke started to speak Oh well sorry Ashton's a nice guy anyways At the concert I saw your face and I though you were beautiful. I blushed aww thanks but I sort of look like a wreck right now. He replied No your beautiful inside and out. I blushed again. I didn't know Ashton was peeking through the door. We looked each other in the eyes in kissed. Then I said no no no I can't do this to Ashton he has been so nice to me I'm sorry Luke. He then said Oh no it's okay I kissed you I shouldn't of have Ashton's my friend I just got caught in the moment that's all. Oh it's fine well I guess I'm gonna go to sleep now. Ok Good night he replied. As soon as he left Ashton came in Hey you. Hey I replied just to let you know when Luke was in here he kissed me but it's ok I told him I couldn't do that to you after what you have done for me. Ash replied ok I'm not gonna make a big deal out of this though ok. I started to talk Also Luke promised that he would take me shopping tomorrow want to come. "Ya you know I do well I guess I'll go to my bed and get some sleep to night. Night Ash.

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