Luke's ripping us Apart with 5SOS

This is about a girl named Ally who gets kicked out after a fight then goes to the 1D concert she didn't know 5SOS was the opening act then Ashton talks to her and they start a spark will Luke interfere with there love WILL THE BAND BE TORN APART?
read the story to find out :) Alot of grammar mistakes sorry :( But enjoy :) Sort of Violent


7. Shopping and Luke being brutal

Ally's P.O.V

Ally wake up wake up. Heres 600 dollars go buy some cloths. yawns Thanks guys. Oh ya we got you a gift here what's this? Open it and see Omg an Iphone 6 these aren't even out yet. Thank you so much. No problem I already put are numbers in there call us if you need us while you go shopping. Ok guys thanks. Well I better get going. Bye babe. Bye. I exited the bus I'm so excited I get to go shopping. Lets see what they have around here yay rue21 *After a long shopping experience* That will be 450.75 Here you go. Please come again. I started walking back to the bus it was covered with fans Omg. I guess I better call Ash. .....Hello Ash,Hey Ally whats up,Uh the bus is covered with fans I couldn't get in if I wanted cause security,I've got an idea then he hung up. I guess I just wait. The door opened it was Ash he whisper to one of the security guards. He came and got me and brought me behind the bus he put me in through a window. Ash made a stupid pun. Nice to see you drop by. Oh haha your so funny Ash. Well I better go tame those fans you can just chill if you want. Ok thanks Ash. Bye for now. Bye. As soon as he left Luke came. You can come chill with me if you want ok. We went in his room he locked the door behind him. I asked why did you lock the door. He said Incase a cray fan breaks in. After that he pushed me hard into the wall and kissed me. What are you doing!!!. I told you I love Ash not you. I tried to run but he grabbed my waist and pinned me down he started slapping me. Why are you doing this. Because you don't love me. I screamed Calum!!!! Michael!!!!. They won't hear you there outside with the fans I told them I'm sick and don't wake me up. Ash will find me!!!. No he won't now shut up. He punched me in the stomach. I didn't think he could be this brutal. Now don't tell anyone about this or your dead. Now here's what I want you to do. When Ash comes in say I know I said I like you but I think I'm in love with Luke or something might get broken. Also When ever I say your name twice start kissing me or your dead. I cried. Stop crying and go do it.

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