Luke's ripping us Apart with 5SOS

This is about a girl named Ally who gets kicked out after a fight then goes to the 1D concert she didn't know 5SOS was the opening act then Ashton talks to her and they start a spark will Luke interfere with there love WILL THE BAND BE TORN APART?
read the story to find out :) Alot of grammar mistakes sorry :( But enjoy :) Sort of Violent


12. Peace at Last

Ally's P.O.V

Ashton what's gonna happen to the band now? I don't know it may get shut down all together or just us three mates will continue it but either way I want you with me Ally. Well I want to be with you to Ashton. I think we just need to see about the band right now though. Well I'll call my manager. Hey. What's the news on the band. Ya okay great. What what did they say? We're still gonna get to tour with 1D cause they think we have worked to hard for this but there is probably gonna be a whole big thing with this Luke thing now. Ally can I ask you something? Of coarse. Do you want to come on tour with me. Yes of coarse I'm not gonna stay here in that empty house full of bad memory's and my mom and dad not being there I started crying immediately My dad was all I had left of my family. Cause once my mom died me and my dad basically isolated the world off of us most nights we didn't have any food because dad was to sad to go to work they eventually fired him. And we lived off food stamps for a while until he got back on his feet. Ashton I don't want to be alone. It's okay you don't have to be alone. I know I just miss them at least their together now. Yeah it's okay though Ally I'm never gonna leave you. Thanks Ash.

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