forbidden love

this story is about a normal teen girl Elizabeth meets this other nice girl named Mackenzie and they meet and start being friends and end up becoming best friends but Elizabeth starts o have feelings for Mackenzie
wanna find out wht happens read on :)


1. They Meet

Eliabeth went over to her friend Kristen s house they were friends at that time Elizabeth met Mackenzie she saw a certain glow in Mackenzie that she never had seen in anyone else ever she didn't realize what that glow in Mackenzie ment yet ......  a few weeks later after they d talked on phone and got to know each other one night elizabeth invited mackenzie over to her house and when elizabeth s mom went to bed elizabeth got out the alcohol and they both got drunk and elizabeth had just figured out before she liked both guys and girls  but he really liked mackenzie after they drank tht morning they didnt remeber but one of the asked each other out and they were dating but they cant tell there parents elizabeth s mom doesnt like bi or gay people  so they have to keep their realtionship a secret .....

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