Could This Be

Katlyn was just a regular 19 year old girl with a scarring history. How does she come to know One Direction? You'll just have to read to find out.


3. Why Can't I Know the Truth?

Katlyns POV                                                                                                         Still June 10, 2012

         I hear my dad now coming towards me to shut the door so I pretend like I was just coming downstairs from my room. "Hi daddy who was just hear" I tried to make it seem believable that I wasnt just watching him. "Uhh no one just a someone trying to sell us something" wow he did it to me again he didn't tell me the truth.. Why!? What was so bad about that guy. "But I thought I heard arguing" I said trying to get him to tell me more. "Oh I was just telling him I don't want the product it's fine sweetie" well I guess I have to tell him the truth about how i was eavesdropping or I won't know who he was. "Dad I might have heard half of your conversation I know for sure he wasn't trying to sell us anything what was he doing hear and why was he arguing?" I was starting to get impatient with him lying to me over and over again. "Fine he was here because he did something a while ago and wanted to pay us back for it no biggy just some grown up talk." Ok whatever I honestly don't care anymore to figure out if that's the truth or not I'm just gonna ask him what I came down here for. "Dad you know how you said you would buy me ticket to a One Direction concert?" I started to say "uh oh yeah sure what about it?"   "We'll they are going to be in Los Angeles the 26 is that to soon to go see then?" He took a second to reply but then he said "sure but that is a Wednesday so I will be at work you would have to go with a friend." I was fine with that "Ok sounds good also I was wondering could i get backstage.."  "No" he cut me off before I could even finish. "But why we will have a little extra spending money with your promotion" I tried to get him to change his mind "I don't want to spend it all on One Direction" he continued to argue. You'll just have to live with just tickets to see them in concert." I guess that's fine to just go. I can't wait to tell me best friend about this news. 

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