Could This Be

Katlyn was just a regular 19 year old girl with a scarring history. How does she come to know One Direction? You'll just have to read to find out.


8. Surprise Visit

Katlyns POV

June 12, 2012

         Ok it's 3pm I should go tell her. What if she says no who am I going to go with she is my best friend. I might have separated myself from everyone when my mom died. My dad just told me to not trust anyone so I just left everyone and kept everything to myself it was better that way. No drama more focus on school I thought it worked out better for everyone. Well I won't know Claire's answer if I never ask. I guess I could just call but I want to see her reaction in person. "Da..." Oh yeah he's working today so he cant give me a ride. I guess I'll just walk. Her house is only five minutes walking. It's pretty hot out so I grabbed a cute hat and my sunglasses then left. I put my headphones in and started listening to some "Live While We're Young" that song is my favorite from their Take Me Home album. While I'm skipping along to the beat a car starts to drive slowly by me, so I look over and see the same guy from yesterday. I feel like I know him from somewhere but I can't remember. I tried to forget my past it was all so bad. He pulls over and gets out that's when I found the need to start walking faster I was actually a little nervous I would probably feel better if I could remember who this guy was. "Hey! Hey.. Slow down" he yelled trotting to catch up to me. "Hi, my names Brian" he said when he caught up. "Umm I don't really I don't feel like talking now sorry." I said trying to be as nice as possible he seemed very nice I just wasn't sure what he wanted. "Don't you remember me..?" He asked the thing is I had no clue. So I stopped and got a good look at him. It was so weird it almost looked like he had make up on. "No sorry" I still couldn't remember "Kate can't skate." He just blurted out. What I thought "I don't skat... Wait now i remember Brain? Brian Thompson??!" Now I remember he made that rhyming joke up in sixth grade he was in elementary school with me and i think high school too. A lot of people told me he liked me but I thought it was cool to think boys had germs back then.. Gosh so weird. Why does the name Thompson make me think he is bad? "Yeah that's my name, now you remember. So I'm guessing you had no clue who I was yesterday?" Why is he even talking to me I just want to leave. "Yeah not really sorry. Listen I got to go sorry it's been nice talking to ya!" Hopefully he'll shut up and I can leave. "Uh yeah you to" he turned around quickly then drove away. Ok how weird was that  only one more block till Claire's house ahh I'm so excited to tell her!

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