Could This Be

Katlyn was just a regular 19 year old girl with a scarring history. How does she come to know One Direction? You'll just have to read to find out.


11. Livin the Hotel Life

Katlyns POV

June 16, 2012

         Holy crap today is the day I thought to myself as I looked at my clock. It was 8AM and Claire and I wanted to get an early start on the day. There was a hotel 5 minutes away from the concert so we were going to get down there early and stay over night. Ill finally get to wear my new swim suit I haven't had a chance to go swimming this summer. My dad gave me a ride to Claire's house on his way to work. He gave me a big speech about "stranger danger" which I remember I use to get these speeches in 8th grade but I stayed quiet and listened. Then he gave me $100 to get a sovineir or food at the concert and another $100 for anything at the hotel. Our room was prepaid for so we didn't have to worry about it. "Thank you for all this daddy, I love you Ill text you if anything happens byee! See you tomorrow." That was it i hopped out of the car and ran Claire's doorbell. She opened the door and I waved goodbye to my dad one more time. "AHHHH!" We both scream when we get in the house. I can't believe it today is finally the day. We started driving to get to the hotel. After 50 minutes we finally get there. It was a very nice hotel kind of fancy. We got settled went to the pool till it was 7PM. Then we dried off changed into some sexy outfit just incase any of the One Direction member see us since well be so close to the stage. Then got in Claire's car to go to the concert.

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