Could This Be

Katlyn was just a regular 19 year old girl with a scarring history. How does she come to know One Direction? You'll just have to read to find out.


12. His Smile

Katlyns POV

June 16, 2012

         "Well this is finally it" I said with the most excited look on my face. "What if they notices us?!" Claire's asked with excitement yet keeping her eyes on the road. She was a good driver just putting it out there. "Ok well Claire if they do happen to notice us act all like chill and cool with it they probably find it annoying when girls get all crazy we have to play it cool." We'll then that sounded a little less lame in my head. "If they do look at me my celebration with be cool ill smile a lot" Claire said smiling already. "Ok" Claire parked the car "were here!" She screamed as she looked at me. Wow this is so cool. Play it cool play it cool i kept saying. When we finally got through security and waitin in line we walk in and screamed we couldn't help it. When we got to ours seats we could touch the stage if we really tried to reach. This was perfect I was with my best friend at my favorite boy bands concert nothing can stop me! Haha wow I'm to cheesy. After waiting for an hour the lights started flashing and the whole place starts going crazy. Here they come. Harry first the Liam then together Zayn Louis and Niall! Omg Niall is my favorite he is so perfect. I would do anything for him to notice me. His hair is so cute everything about him is so cute. They finished there third song and they still haven't looked at us. I'm still so happy I gotta to be so close to them and see them in concert I'm just a little bummed they never even glaced at me or Claire. While I was thinking about this Claire tapped my shoulder "Katlyn look!!" I looked up and saw Niall looking right at me with his cute smile. All I did was blush and smile. It probably meant nothing since he most likely does that to hundreds of fans every night. They were just about done say goodbye and thanking their fans when he did it again he smiled at me! it felt like a dream to bad it just ended there are millions I fans here it would take him forever to try and find me. Well it was amazing while it lasted.

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