Could This Be

Katlyn was just a regular 19 year old girl with a scarring history. How does she come to know One Direction? You'll just have to read to find out.


5. Brian

Brains POV

June 11, 2012

         I woke up to my loud alarm clock. Having a heart attack is a great way to wake up every morning I thought to myself. I turned it off and started to get ready for my day. Mondays were always the worst. I have to wake up early for my job and Friday is so far away. I work at this little bakery on the corner of Washington st. and Wells st. My hours are from 8-3 Mondays through Thursday. I'm one of my seven siblings I have 4 sisters and 2 brother. I would happen to be the oldest , 19 years old. The youngest are Madelyn and Sara they are 8 year old pain in the butts. Next is Robert we call him Robby, he is 9 turning 10 soon then we have Cassi and Ben they are another set of twins who are 14. Last theres Chloe, she's 17. Her and I are the closest she helps me out a lot. My dad has two jobs and my mom just got fired from hers that's why I currently have a job. I was probably going to get one anyways but now I have to. Chloe has one to. She works at Hollister which is her favorite store so I'm glad she got a job she liked. As I was getting ready for work I couldn't forget about this one girl. I've had a crush on her forever. We went to the same Elementary School together, the same High School and now we will be going to the same College. It's like it was meant to be. Summer just started so i haven't seen her a lot, I never really saw her a lot in High School either. We only had 3 classes together and lunch was one of them. I don't know if she remembered me I went up to her yesterday and she seemed scared or like she had no clue who I was. We use to be friends in middle school then the whole cootie thing started going around which I thought was stupid because we weren't five anymore then her mom died and she stopped talking to people and hanging out with people. It's like she separated herself from everyone. She focused a lot on school, she was even the class valedictorian but she didn't want to speak at the graduation so our principal decided she didn't have to. Maybe Ill see her stop into the bakery again soon now that I have my job there. It's almost 8 I should probably leave so i won't be late.

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