Fairytale love



1. Meeting You

Harry's POV


We were in the studio working on a new song when Simon came in. He had a really pretty girl with her. I got a little lightheaded. Oh well. Ill shake it off. Ok it's not going away. Simon stopped the song. "Boys come here." He said so we did. Then I felt sick to my stomach. "Ok boys, this is my daughter Sam. I just adopted her a week ago in America. She loves One Direction so I thought you could help her. You see, her family was killed in a fire when she was auditioning for the X-Factor. She just needs a little cheering up." Simon said. She smiled at me and I felt it coming up. I ran to the garbage can and threw up. I felt a gentle hand touch my back. When I finished, I looked up to see Sam. "Are you ok?" She felt my forehead. "Hmm? No fever. You should get some rest." I looked at her. "Oh my mom was a nurse. I did an internship at the hospital. Here." She pulled an aspren bottle out of her bag and handed me 2. Then she grabbed a water bottle out of her bag and handed it to me. "Thanks." I said as she helped me up. "Ok boys. This entire thing depends on if you can keep your job." Simon said. Haha Simon said. Off track. We nodded and I held my hand out for Sam. She grabbed it and we walked out. "Don't worry Simon. She'll be fine." I said as we walked out. We got inside the tourbus and Niall set Sams bag down. She helped me to the couch. "Sorry if that grossed you out. I've never gotten that nervous around a beautiful and sweet girl before." I said making her smiled and blush. "You should still take the aspren. It'll calm your nerves." She said. I nodded. And smiled. "And brush you teeth." She said with a grossed put look on her face. I chuckled. "Okay." I took the pills and then brushed my teeth.

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