Life Of Darcy Styles

Awesome Friends.
Super Star.
Not Normal 8 Year Old.
The Life Of Darcy Ann Styles...


7. My Life Is At Risk (Written In McKenzie's POV)

McKenzie's POV

Because of Darcy my life is at risk. I could die right here ,I planned on doing so many things when I grow up. Now that may never happen.I clutched onto Aurora, my 18 inch friend.Soon the doctor came in with a clipboard.Everyone's heads shot up.

"McKenzie's left foot is broken and she has to wear a cast for 9 months. Same goes for her right arm.As for Darcy she has minor injures that we will inform you with later." The doctor informed us.

"Thank you doctor" My daddy spoke.He nodded and left.

"I'm really sorry."


(McKenzie's POV)

Only my daddy was left in the room with Darcy and I.

"Girls what you did was very dangerous.Both of you could of been killed. What were you girls thinking your eight years old! Traveling to countries with out adult supervision. And what was I thinking to let Ruth watch you instead of me quickly fixing the problem by going over there?" My daddy lectured us.

Darcy and I both shrug our shoulders.

"We are all leaving tomorrow." He said and left the room.


"Don't speak to me , Darcy. Ever again. And I mean it."

I am officially done with Darcy.


A/N: oooh!! Seems McKenzie is done with Darcy. ~Amaya<3

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