Life Of Darcy Styles

Awesome Friends.
Super Star.
Not Normal 8 Year Old.
The Life Of Darcy Ann Styles...


3. Investigating

Darcy's POV

After 3 years they haven't gotten one thing. They say someone did this on PURPOSE.But I'm like who would hurt my mummy? But guess who is very close to being Darcy Grande? This girl and I'm not happy. I DON'T WANNA BE DARCY GRANDE IT DOESN'T GO RIGHT! Even though dad thinks this is just something I don't know! I hopped off my bed tripping over Aurora.

SLAM! "Darc are you okay?" McKenzie screeched that girls British accent can get on my nerves.

"Yes I'm fine.and IT'S DARCY NOT DARC! You freak." Oops.

"I'm the one that helped you all these years... But if you feel I'm a freak and MY BRITISH ACCENT...Is annoying... The let this friendship go....Goodbye Darcy Ann Styles...." McKenzie said and threw my diary at me.I don't know how she knew the accent part. ( She has another the other was from.her mum)  Great I lost my best friend. Know I'm alone... Daddy is in his own world with Ariana. I walked around the house and as I went by the window ,I saw a glimpse of my use to be bestie. How could she do this? Even after 3 years , me knowing someone could have killed my mom... It hurts and she was the only one here. Well I wanna leave this world and go with mummy. I have to stay strong though. Mummy wants me too and I just know.

I went into my closet and grabbed my pink pinkalicous suitcase and book( .Real book read it in 1st grade)

I packed everything I owned. I stuffed it under my bed and fell asleep early.

" I HATE YOU DARCY!" Was what I heard when I awoke. I checked my clock. 1:25 am.

Perfect. I grabbed my stuff and snuck into my dad's room. I saw Ariana asleep and so was my dad. I slapped Ariana in the face and quickly hid. Nothing. Deep sleeper. ( I have nothing against Ariana that is just how Darcy feels at the moment.)

I tip toed over to my dad's wallet and took £40,000 out. Wow daddy. I snuck out and slid over to the door leaving. I took a last glance and left. I have no idea where I could go. 


Just a filler. I have nothing against Ari - Amaya

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