Life Of Darcy Styles

Awesome Friends.
Super Star.
Not Normal 8 Year Old.
The Life Of Darcy Ann Styles...


4. Darcy's Journey

Darcy's POV

I arrived at Heathrow Airport. I always use to come here. Maybe a flight to America. I heard it's very nice in America. That's one place I have never been. I'm surprised nobody has mobbed me.OH MAN! I forgot I had a concert Amsterdam! Well I won't show up. I unlocked my phone and checked my Twitter.  I had a few mentions.

@Official_Amaya: @Real_Darcy_Ann_Styles Nice 2 meet u! A hour ago I met u by Starbucks! U look so different.

Huh? Wait I was walking to Heathrow all day . So how did she see me? Fans..

I checked the trends and there was a very interesting one.


I never made a new Twitter! I checked everything out on her page. Someone is posing as me. Ugh! 

'Kenzie I'm sorry! I need you! People are posing as me! Daddy hasn't looked for me! Mum died. Everything is soooooooooooo wrong! Plz meet me @ Heathrow!' I texted to McKenzie.

'I'm posing as u and because u left! I kno u r there i watched. I'm already here u think I.could forget u? Turn around Darcy.' She texted back. I turned around to see my smiling bestie.


"Yes Darcy!"

Something else trended.

#DarcyDeleted@Darcy_Ann_Real.BackTo@Real_Darcy_Ann_ Styles

I smiled at her. " Darcy lets go home. " McKenzie pulled my arm.

"NO! i cant leave!"

"Fine Darcy! But what about our parents?"

I ignored her question and checked the time. 

"Darcy where are we going?"



I grabbed McKenzie's hand and we sprinted to the door.

Tickets! Whoops! From a distance I saw a man who was also going to America. From his ticket.When he bent down yo get his keys or whatever I grabbed his two tickets. I left €202  by his foot and gave the tickets to the lady. 

Seat 11B and 12B. We sat down amd tried to catch our breath.

"Really Darcy?" McKenzie asked with a worried look.I ignored her again and checked the time.

3:30 am.

"We should arrive in America at 8:30 am." I told McKenzie.She was already asleep with Aurora in her hands. Let our journey begin

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