Life Of Darcy Styles

Awesome Friends.
Super Star.
Not Normal 8 Year Old.
The Life Of Darcy Ann Styles...


2. 3 Years Later

Darcy's POV

-3 Years Later-

"Darcy! Family time!" Daddy yelled. 

"Can McKenzie come?" I asked he knew that if McKenzie didn't come I was going to be stubborn , and never come down. "I already invited her."

In these 3 years we have moved ,I'm now 8 years old and so is McKenzie, I have become a huge sensation,and....Ariana Grande might become.. Ariana Styles.I walked out of my room quietly and grabbed my journal with me. I sat down in the my regular seat at the end of the table. The doorbell rung signaling McKenzie is here. Ariana tried to get the door. "Um...Ariana-"

"DARCY!" My daddy yelled. " I mean Ms.Grande I always get the door." I said. Awkward.

"Oh" She said and sat back down while dad cooked.

"Hi Mr.Payne and Ms.Payne. What's up Kenzie?" I smiled at all of them.

"Hello Darcy." Mr.Payne and Mrs.Payne smiled.  McKenzie just came in an  hugged me to death.McKenzie had a doll in her hand. "Oh Darcy this is Aurora." McKenzie introduced me to her doll. McKenzie's parents gave Kenzie a kiss and left. 

"Dinner girls!" Ariana called."Sweetheart no books at the table." Ariana took my book. I started crying and jumped up then I kicked her. I snatched my book away from her and ran to my room.It isn't a book! It's my life! This journal means the world to me. Mummy said when it was her time to keep it. She said write about my day in it. I started reading one of the first entries mummy wrote.

'Today Ms.Blu was extra nice! We had cookies and everything!' That was her short entry.I heard sirens and footsteps. I looked out my window and saw police. Why are the police men here?

What could have happened?

They have the wrong house nothing happened for police to be here.

I quickly wrote a entry..

'Police are here! Why? I don't know but will find out! ~ Darcy Ann Styles' I closed my book and ran outside. "WRONG HOUSE! NOTHING HAPPENED HERE!" I yelled out.The officer's eyes went straight to my book. He tried to grab my book. "HEY THIS IS MINE!" I said.

"It's a piece of evidence ! We have a picture of it just like it in our records. It belongs to Megan Clohori-Davis!"

"Yeah but how do you have a pic?"

"When a incident happened and Megan had the book claiming it is hers!"

My mummy appeared in the sky and smiled at me. I smiled back knowing I wasn't dreaming. 

'Give them the book Darcy. Please. They will give it back. Just give it to them.' She said then left.I let go and ran in the house.Mummy....

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