3 Stages of Falling in Love ~Justin Bieber Love Story

Zara was a senior in high school, she wasn't popular really. And she never really had a boyfriend. See the thing is, she preferred not to have one. Because she's observed how they all want to take the relationship a step further. Zara didn't believe in 'falling in love' , so having a real boyfriend wasn't an option for her. But when she meets Justin, her uncle Scooter's young singer, everything seems to be changing. She begans experiencing feelings she never has. She doesn't know what those feelings are, but those are stages she's going through. Stages of love.


2. Period Problems

POV* I looked around, sighing as I waited patiently, or tried to wait patiently in the doctor's office. What was I there for? You honestly don't need to know but, why not? Yolo, right? Well, I've missed one of my periods. HA. So my mom decided to take me to the doctor to check and see if I was pregnant. She didn't believe me when I told her I wasn't. But she's always so caring and protective. So by now, we were just waiting for the results. "I can't believe you're seriously making me do this." I told my mom, laughing sarcastically. "I'm sorry but I just don't trust you with this. How do I know you're not pregnant?" She questioned. I sighed heavily, "Because I'm just not! I'm not a slut, mom!" I rolled my eyes slightly. "Watch the language." She simply said. I shrugged in annoyance. I'm not a slut. And besides, I've NEVER had sex once in my life so far. And I'm 18! So you know I get teased. 'Haha, virgin!' 'Oh no one wants you because you're ugly' Okay, I'm lying about that last one. They've never called me ugly. But they have said the first. Like....Bitch...please. Haters gonna hate, right? t my mom would kill me if she found out I did have sex, which is one of the reasons why I haven't done it yet. One out of MILLIONS of reasons. Anyway..... The doctor had finally come in, with the results. Oh and uuh, not really needed to be mentioned but he was HOT. "Okay, Ms.Daniels, great news, your daughter isn't pregnant!" He revealed to my mom. "Boom! Yes! In your face!" I said, snapping my fingers at my mom. "You better calm down young lady." She replied calmly. "Well, someone seems to be happy." Dr. Colton said. "Oh, very." I smirked, looking at my mom. "Alright, so you guys are free to go. Have a good day, and thank you for choosing our hospital." He smiled a billion dollar smile and exited the room. "Well, my life goal is complete." I said as I stood up. "And what would that be?" My mom raised an eyebrow. "To prove you wrong about something." I giggled as we exited the room, walking through the hallways full of other pajtients. I danced a little happy dance as I skipped to the car after my mom. "Be happy now." She rolled her eyes as she got in. I chuckled quietly as I opened the door and hopped into the car. "Oh and sweety, your uncle Scooter wants you to stay over tomorrow. He has Simone he thinks you'd like to meet." She smiled as she started the car. "Me? Why? Can't
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