Daisy's Life.. Well Was...

In fall of 1963 school was just starting and Daisy just started high school. Not long before Mr, Harry Styles came in and brought her from her family and now she has to do whatever he says or more bruises and other bad things will come up.


3. Rules...

 ~~~~~~~~~ Later That Night~~~~~~

After we arrive at his house he showed me my room and I unpacked. " Meet my in the kitchen." He said walking away. I walk behind him following him to the kitchen. Wow! He looks so cute from behind! WAIT! Why am I thinking this. He can be a big jerk. We got in the kitchen. As I sat down behind the table he walked over and got me and bottle of water and he sat down in front of me. "My name is Harry..Harry Styles" He said looking at me flashing me a big smile. " I'm Daisy.." I said in a low shy voice. He looks at me and smiles. "That's a pretty name for a pretty girl." I send him a half smile and look around. "Nice place you have here, Styles." I said smiling. " Thanks, But it gets after a while." He said looking at me. I look at him. "Like what you see?"  He smiles a cheeky smile. "Yeah I do." He says. I sit there blushing not saying anything. " So I wanted to get to know you better then what I was told by your parents." He says looking at me.  " Umm I like the color pink and I really like taking pictures and music is the best thing I have ever heard, and I like pet cats." I said trying to remember things about me. He looks at me. " What else?" He says. "What else do you need to know. I say looking at him. He sends me a cheeky smile. "You know I own you right?" He says looking at me. "Yeah.." I say shyly. "Well.." Harry rubs his foot with  my foot under the table. I jump and look at him. "Well whats your favorite movie?" He says. "umm.. uhh.. I don't have one.." I say looking anywhere but at him. He gets up and looks at me. " I'll let you get some sleep, But remember, You can trust me.." I look at him. " Okay.." He  leaves out of the kitchen and I go back to my room. On the bed there are a list of Rules.. But they don't look like rules.. I won't even call them rules. But at the top it say's Follow These Rules.. I look at the paper and it says. 

                                  Follow Theses Rules..

1) As long as you tell me the truth and do as I say and be good. Then Your okay..


I throw the paper on the night stand and get in my bed. I guess he won't do anything to hurt me if he wants me to trust him. I close my eyes and fall to sleep. I can't wait to see how tomorrow goes. First Day being own be Harry Styles.                               


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