Daisy's Life.. Well Was...

In fall of 1963 school was just starting and Daisy just started high school. Not long before Mr, Harry Styles came in and brought her from her family and now she has to do whatever he says or more bruises and other bad things will come up.


2. Good Day Turn Into A Bad Day!!

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm clock filled the room. Ugh today is the day I go to high school for the first time. It can't be that bad. I walk into the bathroom to take a shower. I get out and get dress into a dress that my mum brought me. She brought me that dress with the little money we had left. She told me not to tell my dad but he doesn't really notice that the money we had left was gone to a dress for me. I brushed my teeth and did my hair. I walked through the halls of the house with my bag hanging from my shoulder. "Morning!" My mum called out to me. "Morning Mum" I said grabbing the toast off the plate in front of her and heading outside. "Wait!" My mum yelled out to me. I turned around and looked at her. "Yes?" " Don't be late for dinner today, Remember we have to talk tonight." She said with a sadden look on her face. I nodded my head and I started to walk to school. 

                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lunch Time~~~~~~~~~~~


 I walked to the table outside the school for lunch. I never really liked to eat school lunches. It's pretty gross to me. I sat there alone for a few seconds til a girl with dark brown hair walks up to me. "Hi" She said sitting next to me. I don't know who she is. People around here aren't that friendly to sit next to a nerd like me. "Hello." I said looking at the girl weirdly. " What?" She said's eating her lunch. "Are you new here?" I said. "No.. I'm in your class." She said putting a pudding cup in front of me. "Eat up now" She says digging into her food. I'm way confused. I put the pudding cup back on her plate. " I don't eat school lunches." She just gives me a look and starts eating again. "My name is Lilly by the way" I smile. "Nice to meet you." After we have a chat school went on and on and it seems like we was stuck in school for a year now. Today was great though. I made a new friend. I never had a friend before. 

                                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Dinner Time~~~~~~~~~~

I walk in the house to smell my favorite dinner being cooked. Yum  fried chicken, green tomatoes and beans and Yellow rice. That's the nicest dinner you'll ever get around here. I put my bag down and sat at the dinner table. I didn't notice but my mum and dad was  looking at me. I looked up and just look back at them. "What?" I asked. My mum was in tears and my dad just shook his head. Not saying a word. "What?!" I asked again. My dad looked up at me and pointed to my bags at the door. What was my bags doing there? Are they kicking me out? What did I do? Before I can ask any questions there's a knock on the door. My dad walked over to open it. I looked. All I saw was a tall, tan, curly brown headed boy standing there with a cheeky smile on his face looking straight at me. "Hello sir" The curly headed boy shook my dad's hand and walked over to me. What's going on here? Why is there a tall, tan, curly headed boy flashing me a cheeky smile? " Mum, Dad what is going on?" I asked. "Oh I see you haven't told her yet. Ill Leave ya'll alone so you can tell her." The cheeky smiling boy walked outside. My dad looked at me. "Honey, look I'm sorry but I put you up for sale...And this boy brought you..." I looked at my dad. "WHAT?!? MUM?" I yelled. " Mum NO! How could you let him do this?" I asked screaming my head off. How could they sale me. There's no telling what he'll get me to do! Or do to me! Ugh! My mum stood up and  hugged me. " Sorry sweetie, we needed money. I'm so sorry." She whispered into my ear crying. I'm pissed, shocked, sad all at the same time. I looked around and I felt tears come to my eyes. No hold them down Daisy, Show them you don't care anymore. I picked up my bags and walked out the door. "Here babe let me help you." He cheeky smiling boy said. There was an accent to his voice. He was British. I handed him my bag. I didn't turn around to face my mum or dad I just walked with my head held high into the car. I sat in the back letting some tears come out of my eye. The cheeky smiling boy got in and we was on our way to his house. How could a good day turn into a bad day??

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