Titanium ~Niall Horan love story~

When Amber's mom dies some how Niall Horan ends up helping Amber.


3. Love

    The man was dressed in a black hoodie, low crotch jeans, ray bans.  I looked closer and saw some blonde peaking out from under the hood.  Thank God.  It was Niall.   I opened up the door with a smile, "Hey Niall.  Nice to see you.  Come on in."   "Nice to see you too Amber.  And thanks."   "No problem.  So what do you want to know about me?", I replied leading him to the couch to sit down.   "Everything I guess."   I chuckled under my breath, "Okay let's see, My name is Amber Nicole Carter and I'm 18.  I am from Dublin, Ireland.  I am an only child.  My dad past away about 2 years ago leaving me just with my mom.  But just 3 days ago, but the funeral was yesterday.  Oh and I have a cat named Angel."   Niall scooted closer to me and intertwined our fingers, "Im so sorry, Amber."   "Oh, it's fine I guess.  I get so lonely here in this big, empty house.  Words can't even describe it."     "I know this sounds strange, but if you want I could stay here with you for a while if you would like.", Niall suddenly blurted out.   I smiled, "That would be great."     "I'll be back in a minute.  I will get my stuff.", Niall said while leaving the house.   I couldn't believe Niall Horan was going to be living with me.  Wow.   *1 hour later*   Niall brought just his clothes and other various things.  And he didn't need to bring any furniture because the boys shared the flat.  Niall just got settled in and came out of the bathroom dressed in sweat pants and a plain white T-shirt.     He came and sat right next to me and smiled, "Amber, I know everything is happening so sudden, but I think Im in love with you."   I smiled,"I think Im in love with you too."   "Well would you be my girlfriend?"   "Yes!", I said wrapping my hands around his neck giving him a little peck on the cheek.  He chuckled and wrapped his warm muscular arms around my waist.     "I'm so lucky to have you.", Niall said.       
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