Titanium ~Niall Horan love story~

When Amber's mom dies some how Niall Horan ends up helping Amber.


1. Goodbyes

-FLASHBACK- "Mom, wake up!  It's 5 in the afternoon!", I yelled at my mom.  My mom didn't move.  I laid next to her and stared at her still body.  Her body was white and her chest wasn't moving.  I ran to the phone, dialed 911, and watched as the police and medics examined mom.  The medics came over to me and said, "I'm sorry.  We've tried everything we could.  She's gone."  Those words haunted me and kept circling in my head.  They put mom on the stretcher and left me all alone.-END OF FLASHBACK-         I lied on my soft mattress thinking of what just happened.  I curled up under the sheets and quietly sobbed.  I couldn't believe mom was already gone.  Flashbacks of all the fun times we were hitting me, making me miss her more than ever.   Just knowing that she is no longer a part of my life is just unreal.  I thought that she would be here for my 19th birthday, but I thought wrong.  She was that one person I trusted and depended on.  I could feel everything I had in me just blowed away.  My hope, courage, faith were all gone.  And it was too late to go after and chase my dreams.  Everything was gone.   I rolled over to my side to pick up the rose that was on my nightstand.  The pedals were crumbling up and turning black.  I watched them fall off one by one.  It sorta reminded me of me, like how I lost everything.  A quick tear escaped the corner of my eye and dropped onto a pedal, and I watched as it soaked through the pedal.   I walked into the bathroom and faced the mirror.  I look like a mess.  My hair is greasy and in tangles.  My clothes are wet from all the tears.  My mascara is stained on my face.   I turned around, stripped my clothes from my body, and hopped in the shower.  I lathered up the shampoo in my hair and rinsed it all out.  Then, I got the soap and washed my body and face.   Once I was done, I got the towel and dried my self off and picked out my outfit for the funeral.  I picked out a black lace mini dress, black shiny heels, and a diamond cross necklace.  I put on some waterproof mascara, shimmer eyeshadow, and lip gloss.  I then curled my chestnut colored hair and put in a black flower headband.   I grabbed my keys and my flowers and walked to the car.  I drove to the funeral home and looked at my mom for the last time.  Mom looked so peaceful in the casket.  She was dressed in a little blue dress.  Her ginger hair was curled in little springs.  She was wearing her diamond cross necklace that matched mine.     The funeral home owners came in the room, closed the casket, carried her out to the back of the car, and drove to the cemetery.  I got in my car and drove to the cemetery.  Whenever I got there they were getting ready to put her in the ground.  I waved at the casket, watching it go down.  I laid about 5 roses on her grave, and walked to my car crying.     When I arrived at the house, I went in moms room.  I picked up a picture of her with dad at their wedding.  I knew that they are both in a better place now.  I then saw a picture of mom and I.  I was about 5 in the picture.  I picked up the photo and put it in my room.  I laid the extra roses in front of it.  I then went outside, it was cold and sprinkling down snowflakes.     I back went inside and headed back upstairs to my room to change into my fuzzy blue pajamas and slippers.  I headed back downstairs to the empty living room and lit the fire place.  I made my hot cocoa and sat on the couch right across from the fireplace, and drank my cocoa.   Angel jumped up next to me and curled up beside me purring.  I stroked his black, shiny fur.  We both dozed off to sleep for the night.
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