Those Brown Eyes...

Blurb Isabella (Bella) Lawrence is a girl from America... She went on a vacation to Australia where she went out clubbing to celebrate her 18th birthday. Where she met 18 year old Luke Brooks, ditching her small group of friends she had made. Later on things got physical between Luke and Bella. Which led to a one night stand. But what happens when Bella gets pregnant and leaves out of fear?


5. The Way

(Beau's POV) 

I walked into the kitchen after dressing in black jeans and a black ramones shirt and black vans. I put on a black and red vans snap back. 
I went over to the fridge I listened in on my mom and Isabella's conversation behind me. 
Isabella was to afraid to ask me something but I acted like I didn't hear them. 
I brought the jug of orange juice over to the counter and got a glass out pouring some 
"Beau?" My moms voice comes from behind me I turned around leaning on the counter sipping my orange juice.
"Yeah?" I said 
"Can you drive Isabella around today to apply for some jobs?" She asked 
"Sure." I said 
"When do we leave?" I asked putting the jug of orange juice back in the fridge. 
"As soon as your ready." She says I nodded 
"I'm ready." I said I gulped the rest of my orange juice down. 
I grabbed my keys off the hook and nodded for Isabella to follow. We went out to my car getting in 
"Where to first?" I asked 

(Luke's POV) 

I woke up and saw that Isabella wasn't in the bed, I sat up and peeked in Noah's crib. He was still asleep. 
I walked into the kitchen 
"Hey mom where's Isabella?" I asked 
"She went to look for a job with Beau." She said 
"Beau?" I asked 
"She needed a ride." 
"Uh, ok. Can you get the breast milk ready for Noah? I'm gunna go see if he needs a diaper change." I said she nodded 
"And Luke?" She said I turned 
"Your becoming a really good father." She said 
"Well mine wasn't so great, so I'm trying my best." I said she nodded I walked back into my room and lightly rubbed at Noah's belly he woke up I smiled and picked him up grabbing the diaper bag and walked into the bathroom I set it up and changed Noah and put on a new onesie. I carried him out to the kitchen.
The breast milk was ready for Noah so I put the bottle to his lips and sat across from my mom.
"So how was your morning?" I asked her 
"Pretty good I guess" she said 
"Is Jai up yet?" I asked 
"Yeah he's just" I heard a thump and a sigh I saw Jai walk across with a suitcase. 
"What?" I asked my mom I didn't wait for her response 
"Jai!" I called down he came in the room. 
"What?" He asked walking in 
"Where are you going?" I asked 
"I'm going to go see Ariana." He said I frowned 
"What's wrong?" He asked
"I need you" I said 
"Really? You don't you got Beau and Mom." He said 
"Jai-" my mom cut me off 
"Luke don't get upset." She said 
"I'm not upset!" I yelled Noah started crying. I got up 
"See what you did!" I yelled at Jai and walked out of the kitchen I sat on my bed rubbing Noah's back soothingly singing a lullaby to him. He calmed down I sat on my bed still cradling him leaning my back on my headboard. I sat just thinking as Noah played with my dog tag, I couldn't believe Jai would leave. I know he misses Ariana but really... I need his help! I mean I can't do this by myself. 
"Whatever he can leave I don't give a shit." I mumbled to myself. 
"Luke?" I looked over and it was Jai at my door. 
"What?" I said frustrated 
"I'm sorry I know I should have told you" he said 
"It's fine Jai just go." I said 
"I didn't know if I was aloud to tell her or not." He said 
"What do you think?" I said 
"I'm guessing I'm not aloud." He said 
"Bingo. See you when you get home." I said looking away from him. 
"Bye." He said he shut my door I felt a tear roll down my cheek I didn't know why I felt so betrayed. 
I put Noah beside me on my bed and turned on my side towards him I stroked his cheek. He caught my index finger in his tiny hand and held onto it I smiled at him. 
"I love you" I whispered to him.

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