Those Brown Eyes...

Blurb Isabella (Bella) Lawrence is a girl from America... She went on a vacation to Australia where she went out clubbing to celebrate her 18th birthday. Where she met 18 year old Luke Brooks, ditching her small group of friends she had made. Later on things got physical between Luke and Bella. Which led to a one night stand. But what happens when Bella gets pregnant and leaves out of fear?


1. Alone

I sat looking out the window, as it rained down I went in and out of day dreams. I kept thinking about that night, the night I met Luke. The night that changed my life... I remember walking into the club, I had been in Australia all alone I never got along with my family very well. So I took a Vacation, I remember dancing and then catching those chocolate eyes of Luke. We began dancing and then kissing... That all led to the later on in the night me going back to Luke's house and yes... We had sex. That explains My Baby. Luke and I were to drunk to even think about protection. I had found out I was pregnant after a few days of hanging out with Luke and left Australia out of fear of how he would react, I knew Luke wouldn't want a child. For gods sake we were only 18. Im had decided to make the choice of raising my baby all alone. I had named him an Australian name to at least have a little part of Luke, I used One of Luke's middle names just so he would have more parts of his father. His name is Noah Anthony Lawrence-Brooks. Again, I haven't told Luke about Noah yet. I watched Luke's youtube videos. They make me laugh like he used too. I didn't quite know his brothers Beau and Jai and friends James and Daniel but they seemed pretty great. 
Noah was only 3 weeks old. I was starting to struggle, I couldn't afford most of the stuff he needed. I had no parents to help me, how was I supposed to work? I had been arguing with myself over contacting Luke. Should I do it or should I not? I needed him. I started to write the letter... 

"Dear Luke, 

I know this might sound crazy but I'm just going to come right out and say it... My name is Isabella Lawrence, we met last summer at a club, I know you probably won't remember me but that doesn't really matter the only thing you need to know is that that night in our drunken haze we had forgotten to use protection when we slept together resulting in my pregnancy. I had fled from Australia afraid of your reaction. The point is you and I have a child, together or not your the father and I'm the mother. Don't try and deny it because I know it's your child because you were my first, and my only. If you want a DNA test fine. But you'd have to fly out here to USA or you'd have to fly me there because I have NO money... I can't support our child. I really need your help. Maybe he would be better suited with you? You surely have more help then me over there in Melbourne... 
In case you wanna know his name.. 

Noah Anthony Lawrence-Brooks

Hope you write back... 
Isabella Lawrence" 

I folded up the letter putting it in an envelope I went down to the mailbox in the lobby if my apartment building and went back up checking on Noah... Still sleeping.... 

2 Weeks Later 

(Luke's POV) 

(Play The Mighty Rio Grande - This Will Destroy You) 

I sat on the couch going through the fan mail with the boys, one was addressed to me. I used my envelope opener and opened it up. 
The other boys were laughing at the other letters, as I read on my smile disappeared and was replaced with a serious look. 
"What's that one say Luke?" Jai asked I didn't answer 
"Luke? What does it say?" Beau asked I looked around at them all. I half smiled 
"I'm a dad" I said Beau snatched the letter from my hands and read it. 
"Noah Anthony Lawrence-Brooks?" Beau said 
"I have a son" I said 
"We have to tell Skip and James" Jai said I stopped him 
"No. We have to tell mom first" I said 
"This might not even be real..." Beau said 
"Beau, look at the name... It's Isabella. The girl I've been looking for?" I said 
"The girl you hooked up with?" Jai asked 
"Yeah, apparently she got pregnant and left afraid of what I would say... I have a son" I said he smiled 
"I wonder if he looks like us" Jai said I chuckled. Beau just looked at me 
"Luke.. Are you sure you wanna reply... I mean your only 18." Beau says I thought a moment. 
"She said she needed my help, she's barely supporting him... Beau she needs my help, I can't just let that happen" I said 
"What are you supposed to do mail her money back and froth from here to the states... Shit just doesn't work like that." Beau said 
"No... I'm gunna bring her out here." I said 
"Are you crazy? Mum will flip shit." Beau said 
"She's went threw worse. I have to tell her, Jai? Are you gunna back me up?" I asked he looked at Beau and then me and got up. 
"I'll be there" he said I smiled we walked into the kitchen my mum was sitting at the table. 
"Mom.. Can I talk to you?" I asked she nodded Jai and I sat at the table.
"I need to tell you something..." I said she nodded but looked worried. 
"Last summer.. There was a girl I met an American and we hit it off immediately-" she cut me off 
"She didnt have twins did she?" She asked I looked at Jai and then back at my mom 
"What? How'd you know she was even pregnant?" I asked 
"Lukey, it was pretty obvious.. How old is she how old is the baby? Is it a boy or a girl?" Se asked questions I smiled at Jai glad she wasn't mad. I had the best Mum on earth.
"She's 18 like Jai and I, it's a baby boy and his name is Noah." I said 
"Oh how cute, when do I get to see him?" She asked 
"That's the thing mum.. She lives in a America and she can hardly support Herself and Noah, she needs my help... Can I fly her out here?" I asked she thought a moment 
"I can't see why not, she needs a job though. To earn at least some money." She said I reached across the table and kissed her 
"Thank you thank you!" I said happily 
I ran by Beau in the hall 
"What did she say?" He asked 
"Their allowed!" I said happily I ran to my room to start my letter. 








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