Those Brown Eyes...

Blurb Isabella (Bella) Lawrence is a girl from America... She went on a vacation to Australia where she went out clubbing to celebrate her 18th birthday. Where she met 18 year old Luke Brooks, ditching her small group of friends she had made. Later on things got physical between Luke and Bella. Which led to a one night stand. But what happens when Bella gets pregnant and leaves out of fear?


2. Accepted

2. Accepted 

(Luke's POV) 

I sat down at laptop and typed out the letter. 

"Dear Isabella, 

I understand what you are saying and that is why I am offering you a place to stay. I will pay for you plane ticket, same with Noah's. though my mom said you'd have to get a job yo at least pay some money. I will watch Noah while you are there, good father son time. I hope you flight out is safe, I'll mail you the tickets soon. 

Luke Brooks" 

I printed it off and found an envelope and stamp. I penny boarded down to the mail box and mailed it. I knew that I would have to dig into my saving to bring both Isabella and Noah here. So when I got home I dug into my saving drawer. Taking out enough money, I had a lot saved up ok? I got Beau to drive me to the airport where I purchased two plane tickets. 
I was going to meet my son! 

A/N: sorry about the short chap. I'll do better...

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