I'm your's

Today I ran away. I ran away from everything. I ran away from my bullies, my mean foster parents, i just...ran. I think part of this is because I needed to find my brother. My brother also happens to be Louis Tomlimson.


2. A new start

     Olivia's P.O.V


     After dinner I was sent up to my room. My foster parents are really mean. I really don't know why they just always have been. Today was my birthday May 12, 1996. So I could leave this place. I guess they didn't bother to tell me. But I already knew. I quickly ran to find my bag with everything I needed in it. I have been packing for week's now.

     After eeryone went to bed I jumped out my window. It wasn't that high so I was fine. After I was on the ground I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I ran for about 5 miles when I stopped at a small park. I then fell asleep on a bench. I woke up to someone coming at me. It was still night so I was pretty scared. "Hello?" a boy's voice said. "Hi" i replied. When the boy came closer I could tell who it was. "Olivia is that you?" "Oh my god Louis" I said as I ran up and hugged him. "What are you doing out here?" "Well I ran away" I said "Why?" "Because I couldn't stay there anymore Lou. I turned 18 today so I was able to. They wont know" I replied "Oh I'm sorry." "Wait why are you here?" I asked. "I heard someone running and thought I follow them. I get bored at night. Don't judge me." He said the last part really loud. "Your still the same old Louis I remember." "Thanks, so lets get you home" With that we walked back to his house. Well our house because he still lives with mom when he's on break. When he opened the door all eyes were on us. "Louis where have you be-" My mom couldn't say anything else. She just started to cry. "Olivia is that really you?" "Yeah mom it's me" i replied. she ran over and gave me the biggist hug ever. "I missed you Olivia" "I missed you too mom" I said. After our hug Louis brought me into the hallway. "Now Olivia I'm going to let you meet the boys" "You mean the one in your boy band" I asked "Yep" "Okay lego" I said with a smile. He opened the door and again all eyes on me. "Guy's this is my sister Olivia." "Louis you have a sister" The one with curly hair said. "Yeah, she was put in a foster home when she was little." "Ohhh I see" He replied.  All the boys hoped up to say hi. "Hi I'm Niall." "I'm Harry" "I'm Zayn" "And I'm Liam" "And I'm Olivia nice to meet you guys." I said. After that we all just talked. They told me how they got together and all the places they have been to and all things they got to see. I couldn't help but see Liam look at me a few time's during that. It's all good though becasue...he's really cute


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