Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


8. Worst day ever


I woke up and i noticed the lads were gone. I tried getting up but it took me a few minutes to sit up. My ribs and back hurt like hell. I finally got up and i looked out the window. The neighbors door was open. " Shit." I whispered to myself. I grabbed a pair of Garriyns flip flops but then i felt a tap on my shoulder. " Where are you going?" " Shit you scared me! I'm seeing what is going on over there." " No your not.." " Really? Your going to stop me?" He sighed and let me go. When i got there i saw the lads around the guy. " NIALL! LOUIS! HARRY! ZAYN! W.T.H!" They turned looking at me and i saw our neighbor on the ground. " He hit you with a bat we had to do something Alex!" " Lads seriously he has a fucking kid. You ever think about who else your hurting besides him?!" Then we heard cop cars pulling up. " Great! Just great!" Then they walked in and then Niall kinda put me in his arms so i wouldn't get hurt. " Whats going on here." The cop said. " Nothing s-sir." I said. "Why are you holding her?" They said putting their hand on their guns. " She lives with us! last night this crazy cyco beat up our girls." Niall said. " How?" I looked to Niall and whispered. " I'm not showing them my bruises!" Then he lifted my shirt up showing bruises. I kinda winced in pain. " So you beat him up... We will have to take you down to the police station for more questions." They then wanted to put cuffs on us and i didn't want that it would hurt. I backed up a little bit, then i ran out the door with Niall and the lads also cops chasing after us. " Stop running or we will shoot!" They yelled. I stopped in my tracks and one of the cops put me on the ground and sat sorda on my back trying to hand cuff me. I Told them they were hurting me but they didn't listen. I hate cops.


This day is going bad already. Well we were all split up I was with Niall, Louis with Zayn, and Alex was by herself. When we got to the police station we were all put into the same room, and they locked us in there. We were all quiet and were spread out away from each other. I was in the corner closest to door, then Niall, Zayn, Alex, then Louis. Then Alex pulled her phone out and called someone. " Liam were at the police station......The cops came and i was still there............ No, we ran away then they took us here.............. ok we will let you know when we find out more info.......... ok..... bye." Then the cop came in and wanted to talk to us one at a time. I was first. We went to a different room and he asked questions. " So what were you doing there?" " Beat him up a little because he beat up our girls, and i didn't like when one of your cops hurt her knowing she had bruises everywhere." " Well, ok were sorry. Now, How did he "Hurt" her." " It's not "hurt" it's hurt! He hit her and the other two girls with a baseball bat!" " Ok... that's all we wanted to know. Then he went through to everyone else but didn't call for Alex to go. " Well were going to keep you here over night, you're not going to jail but stay here over night." We nodded then he locked the door.


"Well now what?" I asked. "I don't know." They all mumbled. Alex was just sitting in the corner messing with her hair, Harry messing with his curls, Louis play with his shoes, Zayn trying to see himself in the floor. I sighed and sat down leaning against the wall. " Well then....You text Liam?" She nodded and continued to text someone. " Who are you texting its like midnight Liam wouldn't be awake...." " No one Niall." " Just tell me." She sighed, " Max ok." We all then looked at her. " Whose.... Max?" Zayn asked. " My ex ...." " Why would you text him?" " I felt like it ok? We have been texting for a week or so." " Can i see your phone." Louis asked. " No, get your phone." He just got up and tried getting it from her. " Let me see your damn phone Alex." "No Louis!" Then he sorda hit her stomach making her drop her phone. " What were they talking about?" " He keeps saying he liked dancing with her last night, and she said ya i guess it was fun." " Oh my freaking god guys it doesn't matter what i did or didn't do! Not like you guys like me or im dating you or anything." Alex said. " Ya you don't know that Alex. We did, until now." She just looked at us and we got up and moved to the other side of the room. " I want my damn phone."  "Fine!" I threw the phone at he making her yelp in pain a little bit. " Your such a dick." She mumbled. " Thanks we take that as a compliment." Then we all whispered to each other. After a few minutes i looked over to her and she was silently crying. I felt kind of bad but i said the stupidest things to her... " Stop freaking crying." Louis said. " Fuck off Louis, just leave me alone please." "Stupid bitch.." Louis mumbled loud enough for only us to hear. Then we all fell asleep at some point.


What happened to the lads i knew? They were acting like they cared, and now, they are just turning into monsters. They all fell asleep but i stayed up. I texted Liam.

Me: Hey Liam.... You up?   Liam: Ya whats up?  Me: I don't want to be here with the lads they are acting like jerks :/  Liam: Why?  Me: I was just texting my ex and they flipped out... are you going to too?  Liam: No... But i would stop texting him.  Me: Ok... night.

He didn't text back i fell asleep for 3 hours before i woke up again. The lads were beginning to wake up, shortly after the cop let us out. Liam was waiting for us outside. I ran up to him and hugged him. He hugged me back. I sat in the back of the van, the lads were toward the front, i was sitting alone. Then i got a text from Louis: Liam wont stay nice for long once we tell him what really happened. I just silently cried again. I looked up and saw Harry looking at me. I looked at him for a minute before i turned away. When we got home i ran up to where the girls were. " Whats wrong? " They asked. I gave them my phone and they read the messages. " Oh... wtf?" I just grabbed my phone and got another message. Louis: Believe me we will talk to your friends to. What a dick! I showed them the message. " Whatever! He's not going to trick us with lies." I just stayed silent. After a while i went to my room and sat on the bed. Then Harry walked in. " What do you want? Going to call me a bitch like Louis?" I turned looking at my feet waiting for a response. He sighed and said. " No but you are acting like it. We all cared for you, and the others get over protective and ya..." " Whatever Harry, you'll just act like them." " Ok, im trying to be nice but if you don't want me to i wont." Then he left. After that i just put some shoes on, grabbed my phone and went outside and sat in the yard. I thought these guys would be cool, this is a low. about 4 hours later i heard someone come outside. I looked and it was all of the lads. I got up and walked down the street, they followed. I stopped and said " What do you freaking want? "

          hey people i am just in an updating mood so ima update again.... sooo ya...


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