Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


6. Wild party!! part 1


Look later in the middle of the chap, there's some cussing, younger peeps don't read.... other then that enjoy the chapter.

I woke up around 6 in the morning, noticing i really did sleep in here with Niall. I decided to get up and went to where the girls were sleeping. I brought a blanket and pillows and told them im sleeping on the floor. They just grunted and i fell asleep a few minutes after i got everything layed out.

9:00 A.M

I was half awake trying to sleep again. I kept waking up and falling asleep. When i was almost asleep i heard the door open and close, i peeked through my eyes barely, seeing the lads just standing there looking at us. I just closed my eyes and fell asleep quickly.

9:30 A.M

I sorda woke up. They were still there! Creepy right? No? ok. I guess i should wake up. I was sleeping in the weirdest position. Still don't want to wake up.... Then they finally just sat in a circle in the corner of the room whispering. These guys.... are they perverts?! How can someone so adorable be a pervert. Wait... Did i say adorable? um awkward. " They look so cute when they are sleeping." Liam said. They all agreed and talked about other things. I grabbed a pillow and threw the pillow at them making them jump. " What the fuck? You have been in here for half an hour! I know we are cute when were sleeping... LIAM. But come on." " Sorry! we ugh.... Didn't know you were wake then." Zayn said blushing kind of. I just sighed and said " Keep your whispering quieter then, if you are going to stay. I'm  tired!!!" They laughed and said ok. Then i went back to sleep.


" She scared the crap out of me." I whispered trying not to wake her again. " We should wake her up again... not in here, someone carefully grab her and carry her to the living room." Louis said with a grin. " I will." Harry said and we carried her down and placed her on the couch. " I'll do it." Louis said. " She's going to kill you..." Too late. " ALEX GET YOUR LAZY ARSE UP NOWWWWWW!" She shot right up and gave him an evil look. " 5 seconds to run.... 1...." " I'm not scared of you." " 2...." " Alex im.... not scared" " 3....! 2......! 1!!!!!!!!!!!" Then she went chasing him. She pinned him to the floor fast. " Louis you will never scare me like that again!" Then she tickled him. " P-p-leaseeee s-s-stoopppp" Louis complained. " Fine but let me sleep!" She then got up off him and fell asleep almost instantly on the couch. " And you freaking like this girl!!!! God!! She is a freaking killer ninja machine!" " Told you not to do it Lou, that's your fault." He just pretended to cry. " LOUIS PPL R TRYING TO SLEEP!" Alex yelled glaring at him making us jump. " I'm going to Harry's room to sleep." " No y-" "I'm sleeping in there -.-" Then she went up there and slammed the door shut. " Damn, feisty, i like that." They said. "You want to fight over her or just let me have her?" They looked at each other. " Whoever wins her gets her!" Zayn said sitting on the couch. I just sighed I will get her to like me!


Like an hour later i woke up right when Harry was walking in. " You going to change or something?" I asked. " Yes, but you can stay if you want.." He said with a smirk on his face. " Yea um, im going bk to where the girls are." Then i rushed out of there and the girls were just waking up. " You guys want to go shopping?" " Why?" I just grinned " I think they are trying to win us over, let's make them want us, new clothes, shoes, hair styles, anything, lets just ask for money first." They nodded and got dressed. " Niall can we borrow money? So we can go shopping?" I asked him. " No." I sat in front of him. " Pretty please...." I gave him my puppy dog eyes. " Fine! just don't do that face anymore! Heres... 4 grand." " Thanks Nialler!" I hugged them and the girls and i left. We bought lots of thank tops, short shorts, crop shirts, some cute shoes, nail polish, and some really sexy undergarments. " Do you think i should buy the lace bra and matching underwear? " I asked them laughing. " Yes you so should, i am going to get this one." Garriyn said while holding up a really cute bra and ya... " Well lets go shall we?" Before we got home we changed in the car into some crop tops and short shorts. " This is going to be fun." I said and they agreed. We made sure our hair was ok then we went to the door and entered. " WE ARE HOOMMMEEEEE!" I yelled and they came walking in. " So... that's what you bought?" We laughed and said " Yea. You like?" They looked for a few minutes with no comment. " Ok girls lets go to the bedroom." And we quickly went up the stairs. " I'm putting this bra on." We all changed a little bit then went downstairs to the kitchen. " What's for dinner?!" We complained. They all kinda rushed in here. " Well... what do you... guys want?" Niall asked, distractedly. " Order lots of pizza, how about we throw a party?" They smiled and agreed. They tweeted saying if they lived near us to come to the party and to bring swim suits. There's a huge pool out back. We went up stairs and put makeup on and wore the cutest thing we had and went down. There was people pilling in already. We saw pizza, lots of alcohol, lots, and they were bringing huge boom boxes outside to play music. The girls and I ate a couple pieces of pizza then we drank of course.


This party was fucking awesome! The girls and i had a lot to drink, so we went outside and started dancing with other people who showed up. " How many people do you think is here!" I yelled over the music. " Well, there's over 2,000 replies!" We just laughed. Then we were about to go to the pool when the guys came over to us. " Sorry you have to be in swim suits or something else! No shirts aloud in there!" They laughed. So we just took off our shirts and shorts and jumped in. " To scared to come in Horan?!" Alex yelled at him making him smile. " Nope, just loving what im seeing!" That made me laugh. He so likes Alex. " Well if you want it come and get it!" We all yelled getting out of the pool running inside in the middle of the room. We started dancing waiting for them, they found us quickly and danced with us. I was stuck dancing with Harry, i like him but im not crazy about him. I looked over to Christy, Louis and Niall and Alex dancing. Damn! They must be very drunk. " Stop dirty dancing I yelled making them laugh. After a few minutes the lads left to change music. I danced with Christy and Alex but some guys came over to us and we were dancing with them, i guess they did something wrong because when the lads came back they were telling them not to touch us. So we all went outside and decided to climb to the roof. We got up there and looked down. " This party is crazy!" I said laughing " How about we jump in from here." Alex said. She is crazy... I guess she grabbed the mic at some point and said " People move out of the way we are jumping into the pool! They all cheered and moved saying to jump. The lads came out and were telling us no, but,.... Next thing i knew Alex jumped into the pool and there was alot of cheers, then telling us to jump. Christy and i held each others hand a jumped in. This party was epic!


I wanted to do that again i somehow convinced Niall and Harry to jump with me this time. They kept hitting my ass and whistling on the way up. Boys will be boys. We got to the top made sure no one was in the way but then a helicopter was right above us. " Thats a news helicopter!!! Harry yelled. Next thing we knew we started to flip off the camera, they have cameras on them Then we all held hands and jumped in. Next to jump was Zayn, Garriyn, and Liam. Then Louis and Christy and someone else. We were all having fun. I decided to head out front to see what was going on there. Some guy across the street told me to come over there. I decided to walk over there. " Is there something wrong sir?" " Yes, you guys are having a party and keeping me up! How old are you guys anyway!" " Pshh dude! who the hell cares?! This is our YOLO moment. Haven't you heard the song Live while were young? That's what were doing." He looked mad. " If you don't quiet down im calling the cops." "Aw.. then call the f*cking cops you d*ck! The party isn't going to stop!" Before i left i turned to him while flipping him off. " KISS MY ARSE!" He then went inside, i really didn't care. Then i saw the girls and the lads waiting for me. " What was that about?" Niall said. " Some idiot guys saying he'd call the cops, so i kinda cussed him out and flipped him off. The cops wouldn't do anything with a party this big!" The lads didn't look so sure. " I'll kiss every single one of you, so will the girls, if you keep this party going!!!" They smiled and agreed. We all did so then i grabbed a few bottles of beer for us. Shortly the cops came telling us to leave, the party people and myself were throwing beer bottles at their cop cars. When they stopped throwing bottle i stood on top of some car. " F*ck off! this party is to big for you guys to handle!!" Then others agreed. Then they left but came back with more cops. We backed up, and turned on the news. " Are you going to stop this party?" The reporter asked the cop. Everyone stopped and listened. " No, party is to big, to many people, we have to wait till it dies down." We all then cheered and we had fun!

authors note:

Well i got all of these ideas from a movie. But i changed a lot of the ideas. But it will get more interesting... things will calm down eventually. Just wait everything will fall into place... trust me :D



( i am proud of this chapter, i really hope you liked it )

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