Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


15. What? > Why?


We took our outfits off and went into the dressing room with the lads after they changed. "I really love that song!" We all laughed. "I'll be right back." They nodded and i decided to go up to the rooftop. It was beautiful out, the stars were out, the city lights were on... Just perfect. I sat along the edge behind the railing. I looked up at the stars and half smiled. I really missed Am. Then i decided to lay down and look up. This is something i would be doing with her right now..... If only i wasn't dumb and i went to get her! I started to cry, the tears stream down my face. I just couldn't accept she was gone. Then i heard someone walking behind me, stood and looked down at me, Niall. I half smiled as he laid down next to me. "You thinking about her... aren't you?" I sighed and nodded. He put an arm around me and we stayed like that for a long time. "We don't have to leave till later tomorrow.... maybe we can secretly.. sleep up here?" I looked over at him and nodded. He left to grab a couple of pillows and a blanket. When he came back we went under this shelter thing, so when the sun comes up we won't get blinded by the sun. After we got everything set up we moved out a little bit so we could still look at the stars. "I don't want this moment to end..." I said quietly. "Me neither." We moved back to the where we were going to sleep, but didn't sleep yet. "Alex... i um... have a question....." I yawned, "Hmm?" "Would you maybe...... umm... g-go out with me?" I smiled and said. "Yes." He smiled and wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep together. This felt right.


"I'm guessing they aren't coming back tonight." I said laughing. We went to the hotel, and the lads shared a room and Christy and i had our own room. "Lets call Alex." I dialed her number. "Hello?" I think we woke her up. "Where are you?" "On the rooftop of sprint center with my boy friend." I gasped. "Who?" "Who isn't there?" She laughed and i ran over to the lads room and looked at them. "Niall?" "We have a winner!" I screamed making them jump. "What!?" Zayn asked. "You two have fun now!" "He's sleeping, yea we will have soooooo much fun. Night, no doing You know whooo." I laughed and hung up. "Oh you lads will figure it out later!" Then i ran to Christy. "Alex and Niall are dating!!!!" She laughed and awed. "That's cute, but where are they. I opened the window and pointed to the roof top of sprint center. "Nice." Then the door opened. "Niall and Alex?!?!" They said and we laughed at their expressions. " Stop listening to us talk!" They laughed. I pointed to where they were and they smiled. "Well were going to bed so.. night" They all left besides Louis and Harry. "We don't want to!!" "What will make you sleep....?" We asked in sync. They looked at each other with a evil smirk on their faces. "Kiss me!" "And me!" We laughed and we did then they went to bed. "Weirdo's.


I woke up and looked at my phone, 7:12 A.M. I laid back down and looked at Alexis who was still sleeping. I can't believe i even asked her, and that she said yes. I guess i was just lucky. I tried waking her up all i got in response was "5 more minutes." I just laughed quietly and got up and stretched. I looked at the city, not as pretty as it is at night. Then i walked back over to her and tried waking her up. "3 more minutes!" I just laughed. She doesn't like to get up. "Alexxiisss.... Get uppp if you want to eat..." She shot right up. "Ok im hungry." We picked everything up and secretly got out of sprint center and walked to the hotel. When we got to the room they were all sleeping. I grabbed my guitar and was singing softly. "You have to wake up.... If you want to eat some breakfast..... In order for you to do sooo.... -i put my guitar down - YOU HAVE TO WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!! " They just smiled at what i did and kept their eyes closed. "You don't get up you don't get to eat." They all got up. "Fine!!" They just sat there. I rolled my eyes and started making pancakes. Alex laughed and went to the other room to wake the girls.

* 10 minutes later *

The girls came running in and sat on the beds. "So now im the chef??" They all nodded and i just whined. "Oh my god Niall, move." And Alexis just cooked the pancakes. I liked hers better. When she cooked all, she made sure to leave extra for me!!! But we ate and i had 8 pancakes, the others between 2 - 4, Alexis had 6. "You two love your food, jeezus." Louis said making us laugh. We washed the dishes then got dressed and sat around.


"Be right back." They nodded and i went to the bathroom. I didn't mean to eat that much, i choked myself and made my self vomit. I don't know how Niall can eat soooo much and stay freaking Skinny!! He's lucky. Me... if i eat a lot, it shows. After i rinsed my mouth out with water i went back to the room. "Start packing, we are going to Nebraska next." I nodded and packed. Then we packed everything in the limo. We aren't taking an airplane because it is only a few hours away. About 5 hours later... "Who wants some crisps??" Niall said everyone grabbed a bag but me. "You hungry?" Niall asked. "No.." He looked at me a little concerned but left it at that. We waited 3 more hours before we got to Nebraska. "Were going to split rooms this time! Me and Alex. Harry And Garriyn. Christy and Louis. Zayn and Liam." They nodded and we got our keys to our rooms. When Niall and i got to the bedroom i just went for the couch and laid down. "Don't you want to unpack?" He asked me. "Nope, im tired." He laughed and unpacked for me. "The lads and the others are going to this restaurant, you coming?" "Not hungry." "Alexis you didn't eat in 8 hours, and you say your not hungry?" "Yes i had a lot of pancakes!" "Come on!" I gave in and we ate. Before we left i went to the bathroom and made sure no one else was in there. I choked myself a little and threw it all up. I rinsed and wiped my mouth and i went back out there. "Ready!" And we all went to the bed rooms, and fell asleep. 

Next day . . .

Niall woke me up, he's so cute when his hair is messed up. "You hungry?" "No." He turned over to look at me. "What's wrong? You haven't been wanting to eat." "I'm just not hungry ok?" He rolled his eyes. " just eat some cereal." I nodded and ate some, then i repeated the process in the bathroom. I didn't go to their concert later that night, i just didn't feel like it. They came back around 11. "Did you eat something?" "Yea oranges." He smiled and hugged me and kissed my forehead. "Were going to Colorado next so were leaving tonight." I nodded and packed. It was an 20 hour ride. - I'm guessing probably more or less. - When we were 3 hours into the ride everyone was asleep but me, i didn't feel good. But i kept myself from doing anything and fell asleep.

The next day we woke up and we were in Colorado. We checked into the hotel and we relaxed. I "ate" Some toast and did what i usually did.


Everyday i am basically forcing Alexis to eat. I asked the girls why she was doing that but they didn't know, nobody did. She looks sick a little bit today, i don't say anything, but today i gave her toast she ate it quickly.... Then she went to the bathroom. Later i made her eat some macaroni, but she was having trouble eating it. "Are you ok?" "Yea I'm just tired." After she finished she went to the bathroom. When she came back... "Alexis, you aren't making your self throw up are you??" "NO!" I bet she's lieing. Later i fed her peas and when she went into the bathroom i listened. She lied. She walked out and i looked at her, "Stop doing that." "What?" "Making yourself vomit!!! Why are you even doing that?" She didn't give me a reason, at first. "Alex?!" "I was gaining weight ok!! You can eat anything and you stay skinny, I can't." "You need to eat you can kill your self if you don't! You already look sick." She just sat on the couch quietly. I sat in front of her on the floor. "Seriously you need to eat something. You look miserable and i bet that's miserable." She nodded, she's probably just stressed since she lost Am... i've seen girls do stuff to themselves when they are depressed and... it's just stupid... I made her some soup and she ate it and kept it down, but it took her a while, she said she felt really sick. Afterwards i just sat with her with her until we both fell asleep. Hopefully she doesn't do that any more.


"Garriyn come with me alone real quick." We stood in the hallway. "I want to ask Louis out." She said the same thing but she wanted Harry. "How about we ask them together....?" She nodded but we were nervous. "Lads we have a question.... just for Louis and Harry.... come to the hall?" They nodded and stepped out closing the door behind them. "Yes" Garriyn and i looked at each other. It sounded weird. "Lourry can you go out with us?" We looked at each other, that sentence sounded funny. They laughed and said "Yea." We smiled and hugged them. Best day ever for us!


Hello Stars!!

Well i updated! Yay! But now im going to focus on my friends b-day... also i might update in the next couple of days.... - hint hint - Well .... ya.. bye for now.


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