Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


12. To kansas...

I woke up. It was 3 in the morning. I was laying next to Niall. I smiled at him, then i turned to my left and Am was standing there. " What are you doing here! I thought you were..." " Dead? I am. So your going on tour? Leaving me?" " I have no choice. Besides if you want me happy let me be with The lads and my friends." She looked down at the ground. " If i can't be with you no one can." She then grabbed my arm and pushed me to the floor. She grabbed a knife, trying to stab me. " NIALL HELP?!" He shot right up. " What are you doing?!" " It's Am! She's trying to kill me." " Why?" I just looked at her. " I don't know." Then she yelled " You liar, how about i go for the lads instead." She threw the knife at Nialls heart. " NOO! Then she left going after the others......


It was 4 in the morning, we were all sleeping in the living room. I woke up screaming. Waking everyone up but Garriyn, Christy, and Liam. " Whats wrong?!" Zayn asked. " It was... just a bad dream...." They all moaned and tried going back to sleep. I just got up and went to the kitchen. Then randomly, im guessing Louis says " AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH THE LIIIGGGHHHHTTTTT!" Then Niall came running in hiding behind me. " Niall......" " WHERE'S THAT PEASANT?" Louis said trying to keep a strait face. " I don't know try looking at the tall guy standing behind me." I moved out of the way and he just waved at Lou. Louis then tackled him to the floor. I just laughed at him. " Guys! You know it is still 4 in the morning... right?" Somebody yelled from the other room. Then we all headed into the living room. They fell asleep but i stayed up. We had to get up in 15 minutes anyways...

15 minutes later . . . . .

We all got up and put our bags in the limo, we all got about 3 hours sleep... we got there, waited for our plane to be called and put our bags up. Garriyn and Christy sat a few rows ahead of Me, Niall and Louis. And in the middle was Liam, Zayn, and Harry. " We will land in Kansas in a 7 hours." I groaned and looked out the window. Niall and Louis were whispering about something and i tried to fall asleep but i failed. Niall and Louis just talked and talked, everyone else was talking to. I was just sitting here, bored as hell. I looked out the window for a while then i heard somebody say my name. " Did you say my name?" The both said no, so i just ignored it. I needed to use the restroom so i got up and went back there. When i opened the door some girl was standing there. It scared me. " Sorry love! Didn't know you were standing there." But she stood infront of me and pushed me into the bathroom. " Look we both know you are with the biggest boy band in thre world right now, i want you to hook me up with Liam. " Demanding much? " Um... sorry i don't think so.." Then she pulled a freaking knife on me! " Da fuck child!" " Do it or else, and i am sitting about 2 rows away." " I can't ask now you little midget! How old are you anyways?!" " 19." Damn she was kinda short for 19. " Well i'm not doing it on the plane." " Fine i guess you should check twitter in a few then." " Fine you bitch." I said. She left and sat down. I went to sit next to Niall and Louis. " Umm... you alright?" " Yes just some fucking girl just pulled a knife on me demanding for me to get Liam to date her." They both looked at me weird. " Who..?" Louis asked. I pointed to the girl, then my phone got a DM from twitter.

From: @1Dliam_lover

Hey, so i guess you are just now getting this. Check what people are saying in about 5 minutes! Enjoy the hate you slut. ;)

I waited 5 minutes then checked twitter. What the hell did she say?! Some of the comments said ( Ew you are a slut! you pregnant yet?   Bet the lads didn't even want you, You probably just wanted some.   Oh my god i can't believe you would do that to the lads.) Ok! I went to her twitter and she said i had sex with Liam in the bathroom. WTH!!! I tweeted saying : Ok if you fucking people believe this shit then you aren't true Directioners! I didn't have sex with them at all, This girl is just making lies and she's obviously a directionater! I sent that and i got some comments saying they believed me and others still not sure. I just ignored that and tweeted her back

From: @AlexLoves1D

Wow really mature! And you say you're 19? More like 8. People now think you are a directionater! Enjoy the hate you bitch ;)

Then i guess Niall and Louis read the tweet, and they laughed and looked at me smiling. " Nice." Then i looked at her and winked. She rolled her eyes and did what she was doing. The lads commented saying what she said was lies and she isn't a directioner. We finally got to Kansas and got our stuff and went to our limo, we drove to the hotel and we talked about what happened earlier. Everyone was kinda laughing. Later we decided we deserved naps and we fell asleep.

ELLO LADS AND LOVES! Ok im not updating at all tomorrow! ): My best friend (OneDirecionFan4152) AKA Garriyn is going to the One Direction KS,MO concert! How does this effect me? I just am going to be upset because I'll be 2 hours away from them! And i am having my other friend over because we wanted to be together while she went. Im just jealous of her and other directioner's that are going to that concert. ); I hate my life right now. If i do update the next chapter might be crappy. And i'm going to make a new movella tonight or the 20th. If you are going congrats! My friend is 5th row on the floor, think in the middle? You guys might see her but you won't recognize her. Well... long authors note ik... Want to talk or something? @alexisb55244303 on twitter or whatever.... so upset right now!

1Directioner3 . . . . .

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