Punk Direction

Hello lads and loves... My name is Alexis White! My friends call me Alex and i am 17 years old... I've done some things that im not proud of. My parents, teachers, everyone im around, thinks i have a bad attitude.... i almost killed someone because i wouldn't stop punching them. Now my parents think i need " help. " The only people I'll talk to is Christy, Am, Garriyn. But when these group of new guys come to our school... lets say they helped us but then started turning on us at some points.... read to find out more


5. Sorry...


"I can't believe they took advantage of us like that!" I said very annoyed. " I know... They are such D-bags." Garriyn said. " Agreed" Christy said. " What else do you think they have done?" Garriyn and Christy asked in sync. " I don't know..." After that we were thinking about it for a while, then i was fed up with thinking about this. " I can't think about this anymore." I went down stairs to see the lads watching football. " What else did you guys do last night?" I asked. " Like we would know, we were drunk also Alex." Niall said. " What the hell did you guys do last night?" I said getting mad fast. " Look all we did was kiss, cuddled a bit.... the obvious... BJ's..." Louis said looking down. " Why would you guys do that knowing we were drunk?" " Because we could ok?" Zayn said getting agitated. " You guys are so stupid.... more like pathetic really. I can't believe you would seriously do that.." The lads looked at each other then to me again. " Look whats done is done alright?" Zayn said. " I am never trusting you guys again. " I said, my eyes getting watery. " Alex... it wasn't THAT bad." Louis said. " Not to you but to the girls and i it was. We all trusted you and you guys took advantage of us, and to think we were actually falling for you guys." They all seemed surprised. " Really?" Niall said. " Yes but not anymore." I said then ran out the room and went outside, went to the middle of the yard thinking about what just happened.


I feel so stupid right now, i didn't know they were actually falling for us... " Guys, we made a huge mistake." They nodded with agreement then the other two girls came down the stairs. " Hey Garriyn...." Harry said. " Where is Alex?" They said simply. " Outside, please we are sor-" That's all i got to say before they rushed out the room and headed outside. After that i was thinking of a memory...

Nialls memory #1

" Mum my room is done im ready to go to my friends house now." She would then come up and say " No you are staying home." " Why mum i got my room clean and you said i could go when i was done." She would put her drink down walk over to me and say " If i say no i mean no." She was drunk, not good... She then would try kissing me " MUM GET OFF!" She would ignore me. "DAD! MUM WONT GET OFF OF ME" he would then come into the room and tell her to leave. Well one night when i was getting ready for bed a heard a loud noise coming from the kitchen, i went down there and i saw my sister and my dad on the floor dead.

Nialls memory #1 - over

After i thought that i just shuddered. " I have an idea..." Liam said. We all got into a circle and we talked. " Perfect." I said with a smile then we got to work. We got cake, ice cream, and some helium balloons. We bought a lot of the balloons because we wanted to mess with a couple. I sucked in some air, waited for the others to get some into them to then i held up 3 fingers... 1 . 2. . 3. " Woooooo." Then we all started laughing. " I'm Niall sexy Horan and whom are you.... i SOUND STUPID!!" They laughed really hard when i screamed, it was higher pitched. " Ok, i don't want to sound the chipmunks. " Zayn said but we laughed even more. When we sucked some more in the girls came walking in, we kept quiet. " What are you guys doing?" They asked but we didn't answer. " Niall? What's all of this?" I looked to the lads trying not to laugh, " SURPRISE!!!" The girls went wide eyed making the lads and i laugh. " What the fuck did you guys get into to.... i want some!" Alex came over and grabbed my balloon and sucked some in. " Garriyn, Chr-" Then we started laughing. The other girls also got helium and we laughed about this for a few hours. " Who wants cake and ice cream?!" Harry said, we still had helium. " US!" We yelled and he got some for all of us and we had fun. " This is a we are sorry party!" Niall said when he finished his fourth piece of cake. " Well. . . .we accept your apology party!" They said and we all had fun that night.


Well im glad we all made up, were still a little mad but we mostly forgiven them. " So let's tie the rest of the balloons so we can keep the helium?"  They nodded and we tied all the balloons but 3, we got some more and laughed even more. " This is the best day ever!!" We all said. After we threw the balloons away we went into the living room and decided to watch 1D 3D. Ya they aren't so famous yet but they do have a movie and lets say.... it's very good. - No i haven't seen the movie - Toward the end i was starting to fall asleep, and i guess Niall carried me into his room put me on the bed. I wasn't completely asleep but i kept peeking through my eyes seeing what he was doing. He took a shower, then he came into the bed. He didn't go to sleep right away, he kissed my forehead, and whispered... " I'm sorry love, i will never hurt you again.." That made me smile. " I know your awake love." That made me jump. " I'm sleep smiling." I said letting out a little laugh. " And sleep laughing."Well it's true, i wont hurt you again. " I smiled and said " I believe you." Then he kissed my forehead again and then we fell asleep in each others arms.


I noticed Alex was dozing off. Probably faking. She seems like a slut a little bit but not at the same time. I'm not going to judge so quickly... I looked to my right and saw Garriyn was trying to stay awake. " Why don't you sleep if you're tired?" I asked making Garriyn jump a little. " Ok.... I'll go then..." She got up and left. I am stupid, i sounded rude then. I got up and went to bed thinking for a while. . . then i fell asleep.


Well this day was interesting but i guess people were tired and cranky, like Harry. Like common i know he's cute and all but... i just don't think i like him like that. And it would take a while for him to get my full trust but... who knows what the future holds right? Let's just say i didn't really sleep that night because i was thinking about him.... Can't blame a girl for thinking about him!!


I wish the girls didn't leave me alone with Louis, Liam, and Zayn. They seemed very cranky. " I'm going to sleep...." " Ok whatever just go.." Zayn said. I just got up and went into Where Garriyn was sleeping. " Thanks for leaving me with them! Their cranky.." " Well... i was tired... Wonder how Alex is.." Garriyn said. I just got dressed and slept in the spare bed. " Do you like any of them? " I asked her. "Well Niall's cute but... Alex obviously called him. Wouldn't want to come between her and who she likes! Learn that the hard way... remember when she liked Steve?" " Yea." " Well he was starting to hang with us a little and i didn't know she like liked him, so i was about to ask him out but she was pissed about and he stopped hanging with us when we "Embarrassed" him." I just laughed. " Yea... good times... But i think she would be better if Am was here.." She just shrugged. " But i think Harry is cute, but i don't think ill be able to trust him again." She sighed slightly. " Yea, but i kinda have my eyes on Louis..." We both giggled a little bit. Then we heard "shhh's" out side the door. But i guess they heard we went quiet so i think they left. I went to the door and no one was there. " Well then..." I shut the door and said night to Garriyn. This was a fun day.

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